No money range...

Tell me a good yoyo in this website for big,light,good spin time and dynamics.Remember no money range!I’m gonna buy it end of february :slight_smile:


I would totally suggest the Protostar. The new Neon collection is down to about 65 grams, so it’s plenty light. It’s big, and it will spin just fine. I have lots of expensive yo-yos, but I find the Protostar in my pocket most of the days I go out.

My problem with the Neon collection is that the sticker recess is a bit too deep. This makes the gap wider, so you don’t get as much energy from the throw transmitted as spin. A stickier pad (red or yellow CBC pads) will help it spin longer (as it grips the string better when it is thrown), but siliconing it will really do the trick. The ones I have tried wiggle a bit, so watch out for that.

The two-hundred-dollar yo-yos available now don’t seem up to snuff for me. Maybe try out a Duncan Metropolis or Echo. Pair that with a Protostar, and you have spent about the same amount of money.

The DNA is “heavy”, but it is big enough to spread the weight out so it “feels” light. And it is made of the stronger 7075 alloy aluminum, so it’s tougher than the 6065 alloy that most of the other metals available.

But remember this: “If you have to ask, therein lies your answer”. If you don’t know WHICH super-expensive, big-investment yo-yo you want, you probably don’t want a super-expensive, big-investment yo-yo.

These are meant to cater to a group of people that want EXACTLY what the manufacturer is making. These people that will buy the yo-yo quite possibly had some input on the specifications and details. They are getting what they already wanted. So if you don’t know what you want, don’t blindly buy whatever is available.


This is a chance to buy an expensive yo-yo ı can’t waste my money and this chance.I need to spend my money for the best not to the ‘‘available one’’.When the range is higher than 100 dollar everybody says ‘‘All of 100+ dollar priced yoyos are already good’’ this is NOT enough for me…

Sorry to break it to you dude. There is no best yoyo.

As mentioned, there is no one ‘best’ yo-yo. It all boils down to your own personal preference. Regarding how all $100+ yo-yos are good, there is a reason why it’s being repeated by so many people because chances are, they really are good. In fact, aluminium yo-yos costing $60 are able to compete with the higher-end yo-yos perfectly well.

However, following your request of a yo-yo with ‘big,light,good spin time and dynamics’ and presumably an expensive metal yo-yo, I would suggest the Yoyofactory Superstar. It has a diameter of 56mm, larger than many of the yo-yos currently on the market today. Take the hubstacks off and you’ll have an extremely long-spinning and extremely stable (ie tilt-resistant) yet nimble yo-yo. Put the hubstacks back on and you’ll have a more solid-feeling yo-yo.

Reality check:

With very FEW exceptions, anything on the YYE site is pretty much a really good to great yoyo. What it ultimately comes down to is YOUR preferences. You say you want light and large. Well, I apologize for not going through and spec’ing out each yoyo so I can do sorts and figure out what starts swinging into your range of acceptable. You’ll need to do a lot of that on your own. Why not start going through One Drop, CLYW, YYF and darn near any brand here that offers full metals. Narrow it down a bit.

In the end, you have to make decisions. And it WILL have to be good enough for you.

If you want to eat up some cash go for a Titanium yoyo.

I’ll bite. A CLYW Chief or Canvas, any One Drop(I just got a new Dang), a YYJ Phenon, YYF Avante Garde, just to name a few. I could suggest a specific yoyo if you gave us your preferences, but the AntiYo YWET and now the DRYWET seem to be a good way to blow some cash

Rather than “go big” on one or two high-ticket items for my next purchase, I’m going with mostly stuff $70 and under, some being in the sub-$20 area.

I’ve been playing my Phenom and Avalanch and Code1 a lot recently. Why? I’m too lazy to change strings off other stuff I’ve been throwing, like my DM2, Speeder 2, Chaser, Corli Prototype, 54, Gnarwal, Phenomizm, BvM, 2nd Run Peak, my 3 Agapes, Protostar and Northstar.(To name just a few)

I almost never throw my 28 stories Campfire and Wooly Marmot beause they are just to pretty!

Since i gotta work on some new tricks, I think I’ll put fresh string on my Dm2 and get back to it.

Ok. Here is what you do when you have a lot of money and don’t know what to buy. Go to the advanced yoyo selection on YYE, select price for the sorting, and buy the most expensive one.

JK. But the most expensive one is a leviathan 3, which is a GREAT yoyo. Honestly, it is flawless. If not that, the YoYoRecreation Gleipner has gotten great reviews too. You can always PM me about Japanese yoyos. or other ones that you might like :stuck_out_tongue:

this is what i would have bought

I’ve got a deal secured up for one. It’s going to get a little bit of time in a competition before it heads my way, but I’m cool with that.