Looking for good high end yoyo

So I am looking for a high end yoyo with good stability and sleep time. Any suggestions?

yyf Superstar
most if not all CLYW yoyos
Turning Point stuff
OD Code-1, Code-2

YYF genesis is the most rock-steady heavyballer I can think of. I can do a cold fusion with it starting from a snap start and finish with a bind. I own 60+ metals and I think its safe to say the genesis is the most stable I’ve tried.

If your willing to spend $200+, you should get a YoYoRecreation Draupnir. Best on the market.

price range would help significantly on this

My price range is about $120. Sorry, I should have specified earlier

I would check out some square wheel throws. I have a Rockefeller, and I love it!

If you don’t mind a heavy throw, I would say get a yyf superstar. Its definitely in my top 3, it’s very stable, somewhat fast on the string, and beautiful to look at. If you don’t care for hubstacks, you can pick a regular superstar up for $80 and at the moment, get a FREE protostar! As most of you can agree, the protostar is an outstanding throw that outperforms more than a few high end metals on the market. The hubstacked superstar weighs a bit more, but performs almost as well as the non-hubstacked. I have 3 and have to say it’s definitely worth the money.

Woah. That’s awesome! I will have to check that out. But just one thing, I saw that the superstar was pretty wide, does the width make it hard to catch tricks wrist mount?

It’s mostly fine with those tricks

After seeing your price range I’d also consider:
Irony Jp 2k13

Any of these will blow you away in performance and you won’t be disappointed. I’d just go for the one that looks best to you. Also on the superstar I’d avoid the hubstacked version as it’s pretty outdated in design these days.

Straight up the Valor is the best yoyo I’ve tried $120 and under.

Irony JP 2K13 and the Summit are close up there as well

Also on the superstar I’d avoid the hubstacked version as it’s pretty outdated in design these days.
I own the current superstar aswell as the old version. I would not go as far as to say it’s outdated, as they play fairly similarly. although a solid reason to avoid the hubstacked superstar is that the new superstar is not only $20 cheaper, but comes with a free protostar.


What about the L5?


If only ‘stability and sleep time’ is in concern then.
I feel this thing plays in between a clyw and a turning point. Every movement is gentle, floaty and deliberate.

Cool! Thanks so much guys!

Get a Leviathan 5 IMO. They’re more like $150 but it has fantastic stability and spin times. I can get 10 minutes pretty easily. They are semi-hard to find but I can assist you if you wish just PM me.

I would also recommend any of Auldey’s Marcus Koh sigs. The Ares Star, Magnum, and Equilibrium are incredibly smooth with great stability and the best spin times I’ve found outside of bi-metals. The Equilibrium is the best of the bunch but also the most expensive at $160, though if you buy from MK directly on facebook it might be less. Ares Star and Magnum are more like $138 and $128 so should be close to your budget.

Only yo-yo I have within your $120 budget that meets your criteria is the Adegle Accel. Its stability is extremely good as a bi-metal and it’s easy to get spin times surpassing 10.5 minutes. It’s not quite as smooth as Japanese bi-metals but about as smooth as typical CLYW throws. It’s a very underrated yo-yo given its low price tag.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

My Irony JPX just spun 10m12s with a ctx bearing.

If the bearing is freshly cleaned that’s certainly possible. Spin times depend on a lot of factors besides the yo-yo: the bearing quality, the cleanliness of the bearing, your arm strength, the quality of your throw, the string length, and your ability to pinch/twist the string for balancing purposes.

I try to keep these factors as constant as possible so I have a meaningful reference frame. For that reference frame, bi-metals usually break 10 minutes, sometimes 10.5, occasionally 11, and non bi-metals usually hit 6 - 9 minutes depending on their weight distribution. That’s why for me the Leviathan 5 has such impressive spin times. It’s a small yo-yo and only 65g but it has ridiculous rim weight. Someone else may well get 12 minutes with one. It’s possible I could. I generally only do 1-2 throws to determine spin times to avoid the effect of declination in bearing performance. Also it’s just really boring to time 10 minute throws over and over…