New Yoyo

So I have been getting more into yoyoing again after taking a break and I wanted to try a different style of yoyo. I have a m1 and want to go with a normal sized yoyo to change it up. I play 1a and I don’t have any specifics on weight, etc. Just that it is not an undersized yoyo. Price limit is about $150ish.

I hope this is enough information if not let me know ill post whatever is needed.

Everyone seems to be pretty satisfied with the chief. Myself included.

any clyw would be great also look at the anti yo bapezilla or ywet

There’s so much choice I’d go with whatever takes your fancy.

My personal fave yo-yo is the One Drop CODE1. But I’d also recommend the CODE2 and Toxic HazMat. All three are full-sized super stable throws and equipped with Side-Effects. You can pick up an extra pair of Side Effects or two so you can alter the weight of the Yo-Yo.

If I had $150, I would try and find a used yyr or tp on the bst but if you dont want to go used, then I would recommend the drop bear, chief, or 2011 supernova.