How does the Supernova compare today?

Is it worth spending the money on? I’ve got a delrin severe, does it compare at all?

The supernova blows the delly severe out of the water.

I own a 2012 version. It’s really good but the only thing I don’t like is that it’s too wide.

If you seek a wide, stable, and versatile yoyo, then the supernova is a great choice. 2 things to note;

  1. It is even better with a concave style (I said it that way because I meant any curved bearing) bearing.
  2. It will not do arm, finger or palm grinds as well as other metal due to the different finish. It will still thumb grind though!

Thank for your replies :slight_smile:
I’m really not trying to compare it to the Severe, i was rather just trying to find out if it was something like the Severe, playvise :slight_smile:

As of the Supernova, i’m into the 7075-version. The Jason Lee one, with the raw look. That being 120 bucks, brings it into New Avalanche price-range. For the price you can get a Code 2 aswell. So is it still so good its worth the 120?

I feel it is, I really enjoy my Supernova, I got the 7075 blue w/ gold splash while the sale was on last year and love it.

One thing I will say that doesn’t do it justice, the bearing it is shipped with is horrible. It may just be me but I’ve had a few of the YYF spec bearings now and all of them have been horribly loud even after multiple cleans, so for full use of it I do recommend getting a spare bearing, a OD 10ball has found a new home in my supernova for instance.


Mine came with a CT?