Supernova Vs. Super G (FAST)!!!!!

I have played with the supernova and I LOVE it!!!I have not played with a the super G before so i dont know which one to get ? I have heard great things about both of them and I found the super G EYYC 2012 Paul Han(who I LOVE BTW)edition for $85!!!.So…I was wondering on your opinion. :smiley:

    [i]My style of play is fast and I LOVE to do slack,I do horizontle once in a while but I woud like something a bit stable and I will buy a Konkave bearing. [/i]
                                                           Thanks alot everyone !!!             

[shadow=red,left]And I found the EYYC Super G on Ebay ;)[/shadow]

       and which one is better for grinding ?

[u]Thanks in advance !!!!![/u]

if the super g you found is in excellent condition and not dinged then i would get that over the new 2012 supernovas.

mainly because thats a great deal for that super g which i would never pass up

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Thanks Alot !!! and its NEW!!!


Supernova is LOT faster compared to SuperG
And it’s a funnel for slacks too!

Super G is more stable though

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From the way you describe it you and I have similar play styles. I personally hate the shape of the super g and would take a supernova over it any day, but then again that is just me and I know quite a few others who disagree with me.

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Do you know which one would be better for grinding ?

The 2012 and superG will be made of the same aluminium so the anno will be the same. The supernova will be better for grinds bit it depdends on witch supernova you will be getting. I think in a later post it was a 2012 right?

You never specified witch supernova you have or have tried. The 2012 supernovas are basically supernova lites since they were made out of 6061 aluminium.

The 7075 supernovas can’t grind to save your life but the 2012 should do just fine. The Super G is not good for finger grinds at all. Palm grinds are ok but finger grinds are hard to do for sure unless you have skinny fingers and gind A LOT.

I say supernova (7075) over the superG for sure…BUT I also say that the superG will play better than the supernova lite (or 2012 supernova) since I have had two supernova lites and they do not play as good as the 7075 version.

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so it looks like i’ll get the super G ?

from the look of the anodize on the new supernovas it seems like it would grind horribly it looks really shiny and doesn’t look like it gives of any traction.

also the EYYC super G is a special limited colorway as for the supernovas those will be around for another year

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You also said that the 2012 supernova is the same thing as the supernova lite but there just made of the same alloy and the differance between them is that the supernova lite is 63 g. when the supernova is 67.5 g. and BTW can I get the USA made one cuz it is 7075 PLZ Reply FAST !!!

you can get the USA supernova if you want but just because its 7075 doesn’t mean its the best thing in the world.

if they still had the USA made supernovas when i were to buy a supernova i would get one but personally i dont know what repels me from the new supernovas

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Does the supernova (USA) come with the multi-tool,spare bearing and spare pads ?


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How is the super G’s playability,sorry im asking so many questions its just that i wanna know what im getting before I spend alot of money on it.I would go to try it out my self but there no high end yoyo shops in houston:(.And if you know any can you plz tell me !!! and also if you know any in toronto canada plz