Super G?


What do you guys think of the Super G yoyo? Is it worth the money to you? I really love the shape on the Super G, so that’s a plus. I like heavier yoyos, and I think it has a lot of rim weight. how good is it compared to a YFF supernova? Thanks!


I much prefer the super g to the supernova actually. I like them both a lot, but I feel like the super g is more stable and spins better, at least for me. I also prefer the matte ano on my super g to the shiny ano that is on my supernova.


Unfortunately for me, I didn’t care for either of these yoyos. It’s not a matter of quality, it’s a matter of preferences. These are just models I won’t be investing in.

Personally, my thoughts though, if you had to pick one, the Super G might be the better choice. It’s more on the trend as far as current competition yoyos are concerned. I think that based on the qualities you wnat, the Super G would be a better fit.

Now, let’s just talk “is it worth it”… wow, what another loaded question. It’s not quite the same as the “better/best” discussions, but it’s up there.

Let me step back for a second and say that I’m currently on a downward view of YoYoFactory at the moment. I will say I have quite a few YYF yoyos, around 30, and honestly, I like every single YYF yoyo that I own, so I’m not anti-YYF by any stretch. Right now, not much that they currently offer that I don’t already have is of interest to me with the exception of the Proton and the Champion Edition SuperStar.

Now, let’s get into the “is it worth it”. YoYoFactory makes some good stuff and they do their best to keep their stuff as reasonably prices as they can. I feel a couple of models are over-priced, but the ones you are looking at are not in that category. I feel both the Super G and SuperNova offer fantastic value for the money.

As far as over-priced, I feel the DNA and Mutant DNA are over-priced. I feel the dv888 is priced about right, not over or under, just dead on.

I’d say since you’ve managed to narrow your choices down to these two yoyos, I hope you get a chance to play them both and really see what the decision you make should be to ensure you feel you get both maximum value and maximum enjoyment.


I liked it a lot. Get it.


I Love it when you answer questions that I look at because you know a lot about yoyos, unlike some people that dont even have the yoyo and try to answer it, and you give long answers, and in them you answer every question. Thanks. Also I get what you mean by “its just preference” so that won’t change my opinion as much. Like how I didn’t care at all for yoyos like the Burnside,catalyst,MVP,MVP 2, and more. But anyway thx :smiley:


I have both. I really like both, but the super g plays heavier and has a touch more control. It spins more powerfully as well. If that is what you are looking for, then go for it!