Super G??

I REALLY like Gentry Stein and I LOVE the look of the Super G. For those who have it or have thrown it, could you tell me:

  1. If you like it or not
  2. If so, why?
  3. If not, why?
  4. Is it worth dropping $100+ on?
  5. Is it worth the buy?

While I do appreciate all the help than I can get, if you don’t own or haven’t thrown the Super G, I don’t really need advice THAT much lol. Thanks guys!

I love my super G,
I love it cause it spins long and is stable, I don’t like it cause it cuts strings, it should be worth 75$

cuts strings? How so?

Hey! The Super G is designed to be a super long spinning stable yoyo. Theres a reason I use it on stage :wink:

Cuts string? Not that I know of :-\

I’d say its worth it. Either way, I hope you find something you like!

Have a good one.

Mine has never cut strings. I like the super g quite a bit because it has a nice momentum to it and is very solid while not playing like a rock.

If you don’t like heavy yoyos though, get a genesis.

:open_mouth: it’s GENTRY

Ok, so I have a g funk, and aside from a super tight bearing seat that I had to use 2 tanks to get the bearing out (granted it was a 3 rd party bearing), it is an amazing yoyo, so I can only expect it’s big bro to be the same. Also, look at the yyf pro profiles. So many yoyoers say it is their number 1 yoyo. I have a question though; is it fast?

Well what I like about it is it rim weighted, long spin time and stable like what the previous comments mention. It handle horizontal really well plus the bind are tight. It does have a weight to it not sure if that because it rim weighted. The shape take getting use to. That my experience with the SuperG. Was the SuperG $100? Since I do enjoy my SuperG I think its worth a try.

Hope that help and enjoy your purchase whatever it maybe.

Just realized how old this thread was maybe the person started the thread decided already.

nah, I haven’t decided yet. It’s still a possibility, though. Keep the advice coming! :wink:

I honestly loved my Super G. It was very smooth and I adjusted to the shape very quickly. The Super G plays pretty fast, but I prefer it for slower and calmer paced yoyoing. It can hop around the strings efforlessly.

You would love it.

PS if you have big fingers you might not like it. It kept hitting my middle finger and that’s the only reason I sold it.

by big fingers do you mean long or big around?

Thick, and I guess you could say ‘big around’.