super g vs genesis?


FIRST: super g is the bigger one right(compared to the g funk)? If its not, whenever I say “super g” in your mind change it to g funk.
Okay, so latter I might buy a new throw, and I was thinking about the super g or the genesis. Im thinking about them because I love the super g’s shape, and I hear the genesis is a legendary throw. I like heavier yoyos, I dont know about the genesis, but the super g is a little on the light side, but that’s okay. I like the super g shape, is that “v” shape or “h” shape? I also like the supernova shape, but I think I like both of the shapes. I like long sleep times and kinda big yoyos. Thx!!

(UmeNagisa) #2

I’d say Super G
If you want heavier
Look for the 7075 Super G
It’s 2 grams heavier, but spins heck of a lot more


Super G


I would favor the super g more.


I say 7075 Genesis

But if you decide to get a 7075 Super G, do not get raw. It oxidizes and looks gross after a while.


Super G. If u had more money, MVP 2 7075


How is the MVP2? Considering buying one myself…


I’d say if you can afford it 7075 Genesis. It is absolutely amazing. If not Genesis is still a great option but I would go for the Super G


I vote for the Super G


Thanks guys! I think im going to try them both. But im leaning towards the super g


Plays nothing like the OG MVP. It’s 2000x better than any undercut yoyo I’ve ever tried (except maybe the AG2). But the angle at which the undercut is present makes it feel awkward to hold.


you’ve obviously never played a Cliff then :wink:


MVP 2 is my favorite throw. Best H-Shape out there. Great for grinds Also horizontally


I’m gonna have to say the OneDrop Burnisde.

But out of your 2 choices, then I say Super G.


I actually have. The Cliff didn’t tickle my earlobes enough for me to get one. But don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I don’t think it was for me. But, from my POV, it’s MVP 2 ≥ Cliff.


I’m sure it’s great, but I barely support YYF anymore.