Super G Vs Genesis ! Which one is better ?

Genesis Vs Super G

A Question that has racked my brain for a long time is. What is better? Super G or Genesis
Well now that I have both yoyos I hope to answer this question for you.


Diameter 56mm
Width 43mm
Weight: 68.7

Super G
Diameter: 56.44
Width: 42.83
Weight: 68.1


This yoyo is relatively good at grinds, because of its Rich anodisation and its smooth finish the genesis has very little interference with grinds and handles them nicely.

Super G:
This yoyos anodisation is rich and is made from the same metal, however the shape is different. This yoyo can arm grind fine and can also thumb grind, But for the Super G, Finger grinding is near impossible. The shape does not allow your finger to sit in between the rims and grind there. The gap between the rims is Too small, and does not allow finger grinds


The genesis is slightly heavier then the Super G. This means it should go slower then the Super G right? well in my opinion the genesis feels lighter on the string, this is probably because of how the weight is distributed, 70 percent of the Super G’s weight is on the rim or edge, while the genesis has rim weight but it is more evenly distributed. So the Genesis can go the TINEST OF BITS faster on the string then the Super G can

Super G:
The Super G feels just that bit heavier however, if you put some speed into this yoyo you can catch it ALOT easier !
The average gap these days is about 5mm. The Super G’s gap is standard, but the gap between the rims is HUGE , roughly 20mms, so as long as you catch the yoyo in between the rims, the string will just slide into the bearing and you wont miss. Therefore the Super has a catch zone the equivalent of 20 mm.


Genesis: The Genesis plays chopsticks how you would expect any yoyo with a 56 diameter to play and at the end of the day using the genesis for chopsticks comes down to skill.

Super G: The Super G is the same as the Genesis when it comes down to chopsticks. I initially thought the Super G would be better because of its smaller inner diameter, but in all honesty they play almost identically as far as chopsticks go.

Genesis: The Genesis plays well for horizontal, it is a solid player but the Genesis Plays really well for horizontal, it is easy to catch has a solid spin time and really benefits horizontal play

Super G: Where the Genesis plays well, the Super G plays GREAT, its shape allows even longer spin times and a bigger and easier catch zone, they both feel the same while horizontal (smoothness etc) but the Super G is easier to catch and will last that extra 5 seconds which may save you a 2 point deduction for a snap start.

To be completely honest, the differences I have mentioned are noticeable but slight, and in my opinion both yoyos play very similarly, and to answer the question it really comes down to preference. I know people who prefer rounded shapes that can swing in-between strings and benefit grinding and a feel slightly agile feel on the string and I know others who throw horizontal tricks frequently and need a wide open catch zone to land those tricks.
The only way to answer this question is if you know what your style better suits your style?
The Super G Suits my style better then the Genesis therefore I would chose the Super G however everyone has a unique style of their own that required different needs.

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To each their own, I personally MUCH prefer the Genesis.


I like the Super G more because of it’s horizontals ability.

Genesis 8)