Rockstar 2012 vs genesis vs Super-G


please help me. i don’t know which yoyo is better.


1- we have a looking for reccomendations thread… This post will be moved sooner or later, but please remember that for next time

2- what kind of preferences do you have? What weight, how do you like it to move? Etc.
Each of those yoyos are fantastic and popular…


sorry… i have DV888 but i want something bigger and something which have longer sleep time


i want something speed too.


If you have a dv888 and want longer sleep time, the best thing for you to do is to practice your throw, as for speed, I think the rockstar or super g are better choices than the genesis, but I don’t have anything like the super g, so for that I’m uncertain… But you would want something with less weight in the centrr


thank you :slight_smile:


No problem… Anyone here would gladly help