Which yoyo should I get: Superstar vs. G5 vs. 888 vs. Genesis. Please HELP!

I’m going to get a $100 yoyo soon, but I can’t pick between a Superstar, G5, 888, or Genesis Plus (with hubstacks). I’m looking for a yoyo that has a good sleep time that’s long enough for long string tricks like And Whut and does not tilt a lot. Please help me decide. If you know another good yoyo around that price, please leave it in a comment. Thanks for your help guys! :slight_smile:

one drop 54

Destiny for 5a
Phenomizm 1a

I would get a genesis. It’s a great throw. I here’d the super g was good too.

I think you should get a YYF Genesis (NOT HUBSTACKED) or a Super G. I have both and I love the Genesis. The hubstacks on a Genesis will just make your yoyo wobbly and tilted. The Super G is an amazing choice too.

Get em all… But I say g5 or genesis first…

get what ever you like, they will all sleep long enough to do any trick.

Genesis or Super G. Catalyst and Rockstar 2012 is good too.

Does your yoyo need to have hubstacks because it might be coincidental that all your options have hubs installed.

Hubstacks get boring very quick. You can probably come up on two awesome throws on the BST for 100$. You should check out that option. As for sleep time, you could have a buddha king and if your throw was bad, crappy sleep time. Its all in the technique :slight_smile: