What yoyo?

Time to get another yoyo.

Budget: up to 90-100$

I’m looking for a great 1a yoyo. Do you think the genesis or G5 would work? I just want suggestions on what is the best.

I know that there is no best yoyo, that there are different factors that play into a yoyo, but im looking for an overall yoyo. ( Sleep Time, Stability, Smooth Performance, etc.)

Oh, and hubstacks would be nice too.

the delicious is supposed to be very stable, my friend realy likes it.

Here are the only good choices in your information given and in my advice:
Hubstacked Gensis: $100
44 Special Hubstacked edition: $100
888x: $100
G5: $90
Here is the list for the best ones:
1st: 888x
2nd: 44 Special
3rd: Hubstacked Genesis
4th: G5