Now what?

I believe that I am a fairly decent and avid yoyo-er. While I am not a yoyo-er who goes to many competitions, I enjoy yo-yoing a lot.

For the past year, I have been using a dark magic 2. This yo-yo walked me through every trick from brain twister to Yukki slack. I now feel that I need a better yo-yo, A: because I just don’t feel the Dm2 is fast enough, and B: My Dm2 has been scratched up a few to many times.

I have been searching for a new yo-yo high and low for the past month, and I would like to hear all of you’re ideas. But! there are guidelines to what type of yoyo I am looking for.

  1. It must be a full metal
  2. It must have hubstacks, or be compatible with hubstacks. Now, it doesn’t HAVE to have hubstacks, but I believe that these would be nice.
  3. Keep it out of the following brands: Duncan, Yomega, and Crucial.
  4. It should be good at 1A & 5A
  5. Keep it below $110 (Let’s assume there will be no fancy paint. a.k.a bare minimum)

Finally, I ask that you don’t just put the name of the yo-yo, but also put why you like it in detail. Last but not least, this yo-yo SHOULD be fast and have a good sleep time. (3 min.+)

From your description I would say a G5 I have never played one but I would check it out if I was you…

What’s wrong with crucial? The new Soda blows my mind.

Anyways if it HAS to have hub stacks your basically looking at YYF unless you can get a modded M1.

Only throws that are all metal that I would bother with that have stacks is an 888 or a superstar. The 888 would be the quicker one but a superstar on a shorter sting can be quick as well. The Grind Machine is pretty cool but it’s plastic so yeah.

I’ve only played with the aforementioned yoyos with stacks to that is what I have to bade my opinion on.

well the hubstacked genesis has hubtacks its full metal and its good for 1a and 5a

Well this yoyo meets all of your requirements but the 110$ mark. Its 115$

This is what i just ordered yesterday because my friend has it.

Hubstacked Genesis by YYF.
Its pretty decently sized and slightly heavier then the gnarwhal. for 99.99

KonKave Bearing 15$

Well by reading what you said, you said the DMII was too slow for you so i don’t think that a hubstacked Genesis would be good for you cause its around the same weight.
I would have to say a punchline or a gnarwhal, both around 100, very grindable nice shape and they can sleep well past 3 minutes depending on your throw.

I understand Duncan and Yomega, but why no Crucial?

ahh you don’t need our advice you have all the info you need. Just use your criteria and pick a yoyo. there are only a hand full that fit that bill, all of which will be good. Choose the one you like best.

The yoyo’s named before me are very good. Although G5 is great, somewhat that people mention vibe and useless Z-stacks. I think Z-Stacks are cool, but I can’t afford to have one yoyo with one.
A Hubstacked Genesis is very good, like while the fact that Genesis is great.
888x is one of those yoyo’s that are just pure good that I can’t describe.
Also consider the 44 Special Edition. Not sure on this one.

Also, most yoyo’s you find around $110 will hit 3 minutes of spin with ease. They spin for 4-7 minutes.
Of the ones I’ve listed, I, IMHO, would recomend either 888x or Hubstacked Genesis. For the cause that 888x is already named for a very good high end metal that is around the top of the ladder.
The Hubstacked Genesis is good and is described with the posts before me.

I think that G5 will serve you well because it has Z stack, stable, pretty fast, but the z-stack causes to vibe

i would spend 10 extra bucks and get skyline or if u cant spend exta get sperstar

C3 Dark Star No Stacks But Fantastic For 1 & 5A

Great frontstyle!

Speedteam white tiger for $30 is my favorite. It’s smooth, spins for a long time, nice gap, fast, smooth on stacks, etc.

If you must spend $100, I’d say go with g5 with regular stacks.

save up the extra money and get a skyline or a superstar.