Yoyo after Dark Magic II

Hi all,

I’m looking for another good unresponsive yoyo, I’d like it to either have hub stacks or to have metal body (both would be ideal but 888x is too expensive). Yoyo would be used for single A play. Grind machine is my top candidate atm, but I’m not really sure about it. Any recommendations?


Price range, undersized, oversized, or standard sized, and shape please :slight_smile:

almost every yoyo on the site is good. or andre wouldnt sell it.

Hubstacks are overrated. They get boring quickly.

Metal is king.

Get what looks cool.

None of these really matter to me, at least not yet.

Price range? Well, I wouldn’t like to spend more than $50.

Check out the Yoyofactory DV888 and the Duncan Raptor. Both are wonderful throws for under $50. Also i’ve heard good things about the Zen line by Shinwoo, never tried them but I want to. Check those out if you don’t care for the raptor or DV888

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But aren’t their performance pretty similar to DM II? I have a feeling that I wouldn’t feel much of a difference.

More suggestions are welcomed…

Every yoyo is different. I really like the DM2 and despite having lots of stuff considered better(like CLYW’s and OD’s for example), I keep coming back to my DM2 as my primary.

The PGM has been said to have some vibe, although I have one and it’s smooth. Hubstacks will cause vibe a bit, it’s normal, nothing to worry about, as it’s still highly playable. For the money you want to spend, it’s about the only option you have for hubstacks. I only bought it for a hubstack example.

Also, ignore what people say about hubstacks getting boring. That’s a personal preference thing. Some people do, some people don’t.

Right now, figure out how important hubstacks are to you. If they aren’t important, you have a lot more options available.

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Which yoyo’s you have in mind?

I don’t know. I don’t have anything in mind. A PGM is around $30. It is plastic and has hubstacks. As I stated before, I bought it because it was a cost-effective example of a yoyo with hubstacks, so material was not a concern and YYF makes really good plastic yoyos. Plus I got it used so that helped on the price break.

What else do you have currently besides the DM2, if you have anything besides the DM2?

Here’s my honest thoughts:
I don’t really have an issue for or against hubstacks. Novelty or not, they serve a purpose. But, unless you’re looking for a new challenge, or something new to experience as far as variations of play, I’d say skip hubstacks for now and look towards getting a metal yoyo and ignore hubstacks for the time being. This does two things for you. First, it opens way up what is available to you and second, it may help you spend less.

The next bit of information is how much are you allocating to spend? Does this budget include accessory items such as strings, lube(if needed) and replacement response pads/rings/stickers(as applicable) or flowable silicone(chances are you can get this at an auto parts store)? Also, does your budget include shipping, which is an often over-looked item that needs to be accounted for.

More information is always a good thing. People often want to know what you like or dislike about your yoyos in order to help steer you do something else. In my case, I have many yoyos in many different shapes and I enjoy all of them, just some I have preferences for.

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My budget is pretty flexible, it depends on how tempting the yoyo is. I’d get dv888 without too much thinking but since new version should be out soon I’d rather wait for it. On the other hand PGM looks very nice plus it has hubstacks, so it still looks like my best option atm. Before I forget to mention, I currently have DM II and kickside which I plan to mod a bit in order to make it unresponsive.

get any of the “budget” metals duncan has released, the echo, metro, or the raptor. ther are all under 50 dollars but they play better than alot of throws ive thrown that cost 2 or 3 times as much

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for under $50 i’d suggest going full metal with with either a Duncan Raptor or Echo…i really like the Echo out of the two. but both are outstanding players for the money. Those are some of your best options unless you want to save a little longer and get a more high-end throw like CLYW or One Drop

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Keep in mind the PGM stands for “plastic grind machine”, and at $30, it’s certainly affordable and fun. Lots of people like it, including myself, but I’m not taking advantage of the hubstacks yet. But many others dislike it, so it really comes down to personal preference.

For me, since you mention the dv888, I am planning to get one as well. I currently could care less about the year or the fact that a new one may be coming out soon for 2012. So, I’d be happy with what is available now. For $45, it’s not enough of an issue for me, so if I like it, I can always get a 2012 one later. If I don’t(unlikely), I can just stop right there and/or trade/sell it away.

Maxn93 brings up an excellent point about the Duncans for price/performance issues. Seriously though, on top of that, costs shouldn’t determine quality because there are lots of quality low-cost metals as well. It always comes down to what seems to be a best fit for you.

Not to distract from YYE, but since you’re in Europe, you might want to consider a European dealer to save on shipping costs. YYE does ship internationally though and still supports what they sell regardless where it goes to.

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