Metal yo yo questions

Ok so I want a metal yoyo I have a c3speedaholic that I love, and I have a dm2 I like but don’t love as much, just the rounded shape of the gap. I looked around for a cheap metal throw and started at c3, I love the look of the token, but it says is smaller. Having big hands I don’t want a small one. Price is a factor, and I love the black and red acid wash, looks like blood it’s cool as heck. So any suggestions I need to look closer at? And I don’t wanna spend a lot. No exact number but around fifty maybe. Uhhh the blood look is important I guess, cause I notice another with similar. Also I like the sharp slope gaps opposed to the rounded ones.
And on another note I’m trying to look into hub stacks… What are they? Are they bearings on the outside basically, so one could handle the yoyo and have it still spin? If this is an option for the above mentioned( metal, hopefully black and red blood look) yoyo with hubstacks?

Hubstacks are a novelty that will pass
They allow you to grip the yoyo from the outside but don’t really offer anything useful

The Shutter by yoyofactory would be your best bet for that price range

You can also look into Magicyoyo. I hear the N12 is great and they also offer a hubstacked yoyo for a pretty fair price but yoyoexpert doesn’t carry these.

If you want something very angled there’s also the yoyoofficer Aura which is a full size angled throw

Ok I checked those all out, love the shape of the yoyo officer aura. But it’s got really girly paint jobs. Any other ones with that shape and awesome paint jobs like black with blood red splatters… I’m not super picky it’s just the one I like was really girly??? Might still end up getting that though lol.

Get a shutter.

Or eBay “magic yoyo n12”


Ok I’ll get a shutter soon, I’m sold. One other question, kinda stupid maybe, but how do I add a few grams of weight easily without weighting one side too much. Is there a simple mod or just a few things from the hardware store? Oh and if anyone cares I finally figured out dr. Strange and shockwave. Just need to work on some whips and slacks… Yay

I would say the brave not so girly colors and it has a rounded v cut shape kinda reminds me of a chief but I’m not as much into the chief as I am into the brave.

Wouldn’t get a Token for your first metal, and adding weight isn’t a great idea. You can add rubber rings or caps, but really not many yoyos benefit from that and heavier is rarely better imo.

Can’t go wrong with the shutter man

A first metal is a big step for some people. With prices coming DOWN, this isn’t as big of a deal as it was a year ago. I’m relatively new, but I’ve seen a few things.

First, budget. Without budget, making recommendations is a bit tricky. However, I can still make useless recommendations without an exact budget, but being budget minded while still working towards high performance yoyos. The bottom line is you’ll get more for your money.

I’m going to as best as possible stick with things available via YYE out of respect for the store. This means I cannot recommend yoyos that I really like, such as the Magic YoYo T5, and N12.

Where to start…

First, I’m not a fan of the PopStar. This is a yoyo I really do not like. But, the Token is one I do like. Both are really small. Hands down in my opinion, the Token smokes the PopStar, but that’s my opinion. However, both are very small and as such, for now, I say “no, not now”. Get one later.

We really have to look at the around $50 price range to get started. The $45 Shutter is the way to go. Blasted!! But, I’d honestly recommend a CenterTrac bearing for this, which will have you spending around $55 or more. Trust me, it’s worth it.

The C3 Capless is kind of bland, but still is solid and good. A gentle V-shape and very stable, it lacks a real personality. The more V-shaped DiBase II is an item on my “wants” list. The original DiBase is a model I really enjoy. But, the Capless is full sized while the DiBase models are mid-sized. All are within the $55 to $60 price range.

If you’re into something big, the God Tricks Bounty Hunter will set you back $50. It’s not too big, and it’s just an amazing yoyo. V-shaped, stable.

Another $50 item is the YoYofficer Aura, which I’ve had for quite some time and it’s just a joy to play. With a dedicated spot for your finger for horizontal finger spins, this is a horizontal beast at a budget price, but heck, the Shutter can handle it too.

The next stop up is to go to RecRev. I know this brand has drama. I don’t care. I buy my RecRev’s from retailers or from RecRev direct at contests, so I avoid the drama.
The $75 Freq.Wave is out of production, which is a shame. The new “@” and sine//saw are $65 and based off the Freq.Wav. The “@” is a Freq.Wav with the new STAX axle system. The sine//saw is for those who want a little smaller and faster “@”. All are V-type shapes.
The Silly Goose is a more H-shaped variant if you want something different.
If organic shapes are your thing, I really love the OG Octave(original re-release).
Any RecRev will give you what you need, you just gotta choose your shape. Amazing value with mind-blowing performance. This is a brand I’ve had nothing but amazing results with.

Depending on what you want to spend, it can get up there now. The YYF 2013 SuperStar has really impressed me, but I feel for a first metal, it may be too much of an adjustment period due to the “wider than average” proportions. If you’re willing to spend the extra time getting used to it, it rewards you in price and performance. Another option is the YYF Roll Model, which at $75 isn’t a master of anything, but a good all around performance yoyo. It’s mid-sized and a more conventional/classic type shape. What I like about this is that it has helped my refine my abilities. It’s a good trainer, performer, daily throw, and even compete with it in 1A and 5A.

The YoYoJam Inpsire is worth investigating as well. Been playing this lately after getting one. I’m liking it a lot. $65 or so.


We are now getting into a tricky pricing area as we approach the $80-90 range. Stuff like the One Drop Burnside, Chik, Yelets and Y-Factor start to enter the picture. I recommend the Burnside or Chik due tot their size.

At $80-90, we should stop. That’s a big jump.

If it was me:
V/H shape: blasted Shutter with a C-sized CenterTrac
V-shape: “@”, Aura
H-Shape: Silly Goose
Organic: OG Octave
Over-sized: Bounty Hunter

Granted, the RecRevs cost more. I feel justified in the spending. The Shutter, based on performance, does outclass most of these. Honestly, with the bearing upgrade, I’d really give a strong push to the Shutter.

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