looking for advice

Hey guys, I just decided to get into yo yoing and really want to get something nice. Money is not an option. i want to get a metal yo yo because i just want that weight and quality. what do u think is a good metal yo yo for someone who is new and looking to progress and learn? im only at the point of different mounts and a few basic tricks. i dont know if its better just to get something high end right away or if a high end is good to start with if money isnt an issue. im 26 i have a job and this is my rediscovered interest right now. It seems the shutter is well rounded and may be ideal but that the shu-ta is the better version. Ill buy anything at this point, i just feel like i want a nice metal yo yo that is all around good for someone looking to explore all different tricks. any suggestions? even if i need to get 2 or three i am okay with starting a collection early for yo yos that have different feels. thanks for any advice

The Shutter’s good. Shu-ta plays slightly heavier and is made of a denser aluminum alloy but isn’t necessarily ‘better’, everything comes down the preferences at some point. Both yo-yos play excellent.

Hello, and welcome to the world of yo-yoing.

If I were you, I would get the yoyofactory titanium dream yoyo which also comes with an aluminum yoyo in the same shape. It’s $200, but its the best deal you will ever find. I have a belief that this will be one of the best playing yoyos ever made. It’s not sold here, so you’ll have to do some quick searching to find it, and I wouldn’t hesitate, because there’s no telling how long these will last until their sold out.

I just answered this question on reddit.com/r/throwers Too funny! ;D

Really, 99% of modern metal throws fit the above criteria. We’re at a point now where yoyo design is at such a high level that pretty much any new metal that is released (and even a lot of modern plastics) are good enough to take on stage and win a world championship with.

I think rather than just listing off tonnes of great yoyos, it would be worth you having a look around and seeing if there are any that you really like the look of (and are currently in stock). Then, when we have a shortlist of yoyos that have caught your eye, we’ll be able to give you some more thorough recommendations based on your selection. Performance is all well and good, but you’ll always love a yoyo more if you like the way it looks. :slight_smile:


Gambit pretty much said the truth, you will feel the yoyo better when you like the look of it too.
But for me, I just collect a yoyo that never been used (sorry if bad tense) by other at least in my country Indonesia.

Gambit’s post was spot on!

I also like the Shutter. Any decent metal yoyo will get you where you want to go.

Now, I’m sure you understand about responsive and unresponsive yoyos. But just in case, if you’ve never thrown before then get yourself a responsive yoyo. I like the Velocity becasue you can adjust it from super responsive where it won’t sleep at all, to normally responsive where it sleeps and will return with a tug, to non-responsive where you need to perform a bind to get it to come back. If you start out with a non-responsive yoyo, and nearly all metal yoyos are unresponsive, then it will be very frustrating.

My suggestion is to get a YoyoFactory Velocity and a YoyoFactory Shutter. Learn on the velocity and when your binds start to happen consistently you can set the velocity to “pro” level. When you move to the Shutter you’ll notice that it’s quite a bit more stable and everything will get easier. But without a consistent bind it will just be frustrating. So start with the Velocity.

Again Gambits post is pure truth

With such a wide genre of just I want a mettle yoyo you will get a ton of suggestions because everyone has a different oppinion so shop around and narrow it down to a shorter list and than we can be a lot more help ful