Should I get a new yoyo?


I have a Velocity by Yoyofactory and I’m thinking of getting a new yoyo. I’m in the intermediate trick section of yye was wondering if I should get a new yoyo? If so what are some good, unresponsive yoyos?


I would start looking for your first metal

There are some really great choices on here
(OD benchmarks or the YYF shutter would be the first ones that come to mind)

Just parooze some of the many other threads like this one
There are several on budget metals (or high wnds if your ready to drop that much cash!)


I’ll give a second recommendation for the Shutter. Great budget metal option.


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The answer is yes regardless of what yoyos you have or how many. You should always, ALWAYS, get a new yoyo. Well at least that’s what I tell my wife. :wink: (I don’t think she agrees.)

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I second the Shutter and The Benchmarks. Another one is the C3yoyodesign level 6 I’ve never used it myself but I hear its really good. And its only $50.


Well the first thing you might want to ask yourself, is there a brand you want to go with, then what type plastic or metal. How much money to invest, price is going to dictate a lot. I like the OD benchmark H, nice price point feels good in the hand. Also like the DMII which is older yet still fine.


Try some YOYOFFICER throws, budget throws capable of competitions


Once you finish up intermediate I’d say you’re ready

The velocity does offer the ability to be set for unresponsive play but the speedaholic is a much better cheap alternative for unresponsive play.

Another budget metal would be the magicyoyo N12 which plays very well otherwise the next choice would be the YYF, Yoyofficer, C3, and werrd budget metals with the Onedrop benchmark line being a little bit more spendy. Of the YYF lineup I’d grab a too hot if you can find one otherwise there’s the shutter. C3 I’d grab a level 6 over the dibase 2 since it just seems more modern even though the dibase 2 has such a unique shape. I’m a big fan of the new musket but currently don’t own one but if I were to order a yoyofficer that’d be the one. Of the benchmark series I think my favorite is the H shape in terms of performance but that’s all preference. I’d probly avoid the organic version since it’s not exactly great for horizontal play which you’ll most likely want to do later on.

If you don’t want metal there’s some awesome plastic alternatives. The new Diffusion from yoyorecreation (don’t buy the old one though since it’s terrible) for example along with the northstar from yoyofactory are monsters. For a little bit more there’s the addiction and Rally and my personal favorite is the Crazy D which is the most spendy since it’s machined delrin unlike the others. Of course the rally is partially machined and performs just as well.


Go for a benchmark or YOYOFFICER you can’t really go wrong with either.


Thanks for all the feedback!


The supernova for higher metal end or a shutter I heard it plays solid.


I’d have to recommend the sOMETHING addiction, it’s super nice only bad thing is it can’t grind at all.




If i were in your situation knowing what I know now, I’d check out the new yoyorecreation diffusion. Thats the next yoyo I want to get and I’ve only heard good things. $35 bucks too!


should i get a new yoyo?
this question always came into my mind…

i always tempted to buy new one…

but then, i always saw all those promo videos
those pro, they doing all kinds of crazy trick, perfectly on a basic yoyo (that they promoting for the company)… i wonder why cant i do that

hope someday i can make it
most complicated trick, fast, in a basic plastic yoyo

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I do find that while you shouldn’t rely on buying new throws for inspiration, it really does work. At least for awhile.

And then you want another one lol.

But if all you have is a Velocity then yeah, get something new! It’ll spark up your interest :slight_smile:


I started with organic plastics, and when I was ready to get a metal I went with a Shutter because of all the positive reviews. I didn’t like it. The V was too deep to feel comfortable in my hand. I just really like organics. If I could do it again I’d have paid more attention to specs and shape. Like a previous poster said, I’d go with an OD Benchmark in a shape that you’re comfortable with.