Yoyofactory Velocity?

What do you guys think of the Yoyofactory Velocity in a beginner-intermediate point of view? I’m thinking of buying it but I’m not quite sure if I should and I want some opinions! I can do all of the beginner tricks on this site consistently, i can do half of the intermediate tricks consistently, but I can do all of the intermediate tricks. I can do a few advanced tricks on the site, although inconsistently. I currently use the Yoyofactory ONE. I hope this information helps, I want to hear your opinions! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

If those are the tricks you can do, I think you might as well go for your first all metal yoyo, that is, can you bind? and what is your price range for a yoyo?

I can bind, and I’m not paying much. Nothing over $50 , and I have a metallic yoyo, but it’s a cheap one. It’s the Yomega Hyper Warp Heavy Wing, although that’s not unresponsive and I’m not sure if I’m ready for an all unresponsive yoyo.

There are plenty of nice metals under 50, I think your next step up would be an unresponsive yoyo, and since you have a responsive one already, I don’t know if you really need another.

Ok, so what yoyos would you recommend? :slight_smile:

I personally don’t have these, but I’ve heard good things about them. Theres the Duncan Metropolis ($47), DV888 ($45, I’ve played this, and it’s good, but I wouldn’t recommend it, it comes down to preference.) If your willing to go $55, I’ve heard some reaaallly good things about the C3 the Di-base.

I asked a somewhat similar question yesterday and everyone helped a ton! Pretty much what I got from everyone was, If you can shell out the money, get a Yoyojam Dark Magic 2. I hear nothing but good things about it and it seems to be the player’s choice. If not, I’m only assuming the Velocity would be second choice since it also seems to be pretty popular. Hope this helps! Good luck on your yoyo endeavors!

Alright, thanks, I’ll look them up :smiley:

Another thing you might wanna consider is the magicyoyo T5, great for the price, metal under $20. If you want cheap, that’s a great option. You can also just do an advanced search on this site and look at the cheaper metals. :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks! Can I get the link to your thread?

Here ya go!

iF YOU CAN BIND, I SUggest the whip. if you cant, go for velocity. i just never got good spin time on my velocity. never liked the shape either, but it does has the responsive-unresponsivee knobs.

You must have had the old velocity, the new one’s muuch better.

I’m curious. Is there a huge difference between the new new translucent ones and the new but not first ones? Sorry if that’s confusing. haha!

No i had the new one. but it was from another store. hate that website. they suck. But if you want to spend a lil more than i suggest yyj trigger, or yyf grindmachine. Got trigger for christmas. Its awesome. best plastic ive ever thrown. Back to your question, velocity would probably be great for your skill level, but i stayed with a whip until mcbride rollercoaster to be honest. BTW can you bind?

In my opinion, if you already have the ONE, you need neither the Whip nor the Velocity. I think the Velocity is a pretty cool and fun little number, but I can’t imagine it would be different enough in terms of capabilities when compared to the ONE.

There are a few recent “$35?”, “$40?” and “$50-60?” threads around, so no point repeating those. I would spent just a few extra bucks to get something different.

I would go for a trigger. Just got one. Very good. But kinda loud.

Yeah I agree with him. I know you talked about the dark magic II. I have it, just got a C3 token - $28 for christmas and was blown away, much better in my opinion, but thats just preference. If you decide plastic or metal or a combination, I could be more help.

Ok so I literally JUST opened a YYF Velocity for Christmas haha! My roommate got it for me as a surprise! It actually plays really well! I can even have fun with it having the dials turned all they way down and I cant bind very well! That says a LOT! It’s got good weight to it too! im no expert but if youre at the same level or just starting advanced tricks, then, I suggest you get this yoyo asap! I’m sure there are other good ones out there or even better ones but this can definitely make a good practice or outside daily throw!

I mean, look how happy I am!!! lol


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Mainly the adjustable response is different, now it’s silicone I believe. The old have O rings, I think (I can check) and it’s soooo much smoother. I’d still pay 20 bucks for the old one, but the new one is a real deal.