Which Intermediate-to-Advanced Yo-Yo?

(YoYoBlaze) #1

After a a month of using Velocity, I realized that it suckes for advanced tricks(and some intemediate tricks) I’m trying to decide which new Yo-Yo to choose:

Dark Magic
New Breed
Zigma Blaze Zwei


Strange, my velocity can get me through Ladder escape no problem. In what way does it suck?

Anyway, if you must, I recommend a new breed.


All are good choice but it depend on your prefernce. The hitman if you like regular sized yoyos thare are unresponsive. The DM is regular sized agian but is reponsive. if you want big, new breed, which is unresponsive.

I personally like the hitman the best. Oh and the velocity should work fine up to like master, as qouted by rsmod123.



Well the velocity works great still so work on your throw also, but if you want to go with a metal rimmed then go for it.

Now to pick them, look at them side by side for a while with the specs easily available and decide using that and which one you think you’ll like the best.

Also, thank you for not asking which one is better.


Dark Magic isn’t responsive.


Sometimes it is. Mine with silicon and a 10 ball is responsive, And yes, the silicon is recessed, its yyj silicon. Not tug responsive, but violent tug responsive.


Ok, generally speaking it isn’t responsive. :wink:


Stock- New Breed.

Siliconed, shimmed, and cleaned bearing- Dark Magic.

So I personally like a modded dark magic better than a new breed ,but if you are looking for a solid performer right out of the box then go with the new breed. But it is all about preference.

(SR) #8

Totally Unresponsive Play- New Breed
Make it Responsive, Make it Unresponsive- Dark Magic

The DM is a great yo-yo, but as you get more advanced you will feel you need something better. The New Breed can cure this for you.

(YoYoBlaze) #9

Well so what I’ve read so far I think ima go with Dark Magic. It just sounds better since I’m not that advanced for the New Breed. But nobodie’s been talking about Hitman. And I’ve also started looking at the Black Knight


dark magic by far best sleep times amazing grinds and looks awesome too

(marcusWsteadman) #11

new breed awsomeness in yoyo form.


well if u know how to bind really well I would get the new breed and have u considered the x convict? that was my first 40 dollar yoyo it is easy to bind and really smooth on the string but that is my personal preference


i would recomend getting an advanced yoyo and just learning how to bind that way you have an advanced yoyo to last you for a while. try the new fundametal series by yoyofactory


Really? Going from a Velocity to a metal? Not a good idea. It get’s you into really bad habits because you get away with some things.


Lyn fury


Just work on your throw and practice with your Velocity. I’ve never owned one, but I’ve seen videos and it’s capable of a lot. Once you get more advanced, you’ll have a better idea of what you want in a new yoyo anyway.

(Mikey) #17

Try the x-convict. Smooth, unresponsive, feels good in your hand.


i agree with what apetrunk said it can get you in some bad habits. you should try the dark magic it really got me going

(Jerry) #19

Well I guess if you want you could try the new breed since you probably don’t know your preferance yet :wink:


Why not?

I went from a PGM without hubstacks to a DNA.