Which YOYO!

I am getting pretty good at yoyoing and was wondering which yoyo I should get?

how good? what tricks do u no?

I know Split the Atom,The matrix,Ripcord,Mach 5, etc.

get a dmII


new breed… imo, way better than the dmII

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They are both good yoyos. :slight_smile:

Probably a New Breed or the Hitman Pro. Or the DMII.

These are all Yoyojam yoyos. :\

yyf velocity

thats nort “pretty good”. thats like intermediate-little advanced.
dont get velocity cause its only good if you turn it was unresponsive but i wouldnt recomend unreesponsive play. for your specific level get a dm2 or newbreed. they’re great for your level. they’re also really good for expert-master level tricks too.

Dude, you just made two completely contradicting remarks. The velocity is for responsive play and you don’t recommend unresponsive play, but the Dark Magic 2 and New Breed are designed mainly for unresponsive play. And don’t knock on him just because you think he’s not up to par with your skill level. Pretty good is relative. To a non yoyoer a simple trapeze could be pretty good. There was no need to say he isn’t pretty good.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Get a velocity. It is a very solid YoYoFactory plastic. Great player. But above all else it will change with you. The Velocity has the ability to be tug responsive for all of your beginner and intermediate tricks, but as you move into more advanced tricks you may wish to try a more unresponsive state of play. Which the Velocity can do with the turn of a knob.

In short, a velocity will be great for you.


you can buy DM2 or hitman pro, there is a normal bearing and a speed bearing if you can bind

Thanks man. :wink:

Well which yoyo do you have now? Because if you have a ProtoStar like it says under your favorite yoyos, a Velocity will not be an upgrade. What are you looking for? Any specific brand? A big or a small yoyo? We could really help narrow down your choices if you told us a few of these things. But by the way, I have a ProtoStar, and if you don’t, I think it would be a very good choice for you right now.

woah woah there man, calm down. no need to argue if I misunderstood…I’m a friendly guy so I apologize if I said something there that made YOU misunderstand.

And for the Protostar advice, I really advise that too. great choice. Protostar

Yeah I have a Protostar.I am kinda looking for a yoyo that is real steady.I prefer Yoyofactory,Yoyojam,Duncan. :slight_smile:

hmmm… I think a protostar is good enough to handle the toughest tricks. Also , add the fact that you are a inter-advanced (not insult ;)) it’s more than enoguh. I think npt even newbreed or dm2 is as good as protostar. (no offense guys)

if you want a new yoyo maybe you can consider all metal yoyo for unresponsive play like DV888