need new yoyo

I need help to get a new yoyo thats good spinning,easy to use,tough,cool,Intermediate level and up, under 50$,good for second yoyo,either plastic or both metal and plastic together something like new breed and dark magic or some thing like velocity or like something that is ajustible.

I would say a velocity would be a good yoyo for you. It’s adjustable so it can take you from learning binds on up. And it can still play responsive when you’r starting. I think that would be your best bet.

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well that was my first yoyo.

Oh, okay. Sorry your post is a little confusing. I like the Dark Magic. It’s really good throw and I really liked it. It can take a beating and keep going. It can also look pretty slick. Thats my advice. Hope it helps

Useless, poll is useless.

What level of yo-yoing are you at? Can you bind? Any specific preferences in size? Actually, from what I can see, a Velocity should be fine for you right now.

well for me i would suggest a new breed, dark magic is good, but its your choice

Please delet this thread, as you have a nearly identical thread made

either a protostar leagacy dark magic with shims or i herd theres gonna be a new metal rimmed yoyo called the infinity

audley L3

If u kno how to bind, but the YYF Skyline or Genesis. u’ll love it

Great review! :stuck_out_tongue: (hint hint)

What is the hardest trick you know? Can you bind?

thank you. These people should stop posting these searches in the reviews section.

Kim-LAN is completely right, the poll is of no use.

There is no ultimate shiny awesome superduper yoyo out there for everyone. Thus, you must provide information. If you know not how to bind, I recommend a legacy or a Lyn fury to help you along with that.