Dark Magic vs New Breed vs Speeder


hi all,

i’m planning to get a new yoyo for 1A and i’m wondering which of the 3 is the best option. Perhaps you guys could disucss the pros and cons of each model in relation to the others to help me decide.

Maybe some areas that could be discussed are:

  1. materials (heard that aluminum rings on dark magic dent easily if it hits the ground)
  2. Ease of play (styles the yoyos are better suited to, and why)
  3. technical comparisons (sleep time, response, etc)



Is it your first yoyo, or do you already have experience?

If you are a beginner, you can’t get a new breed, they are dead unresponsive out of the box, and with thick lube, it shouldn’t be too responsive either. If you are a beginner, I’d recommend the dark magic, because it can be tuned to be responsive with some thick lube and a fully tightened gap. Speeders have a narrow shape, but dark magic’s are wider, so they are easier to hit on the string.

If you are pro, tell us what yoyos you already have, and we can talk about it.


I’m mainly a 2A player, or rather better in 2A. I guess i’m a total beginner in 1A but i can do some of the really basic tricks like trapeze and braintwister.

I guess this would be considered my first yoyo then. Maybe we can narrow the discussion down to the DMs and Speeders then, since I think i’ll just die with a super unresponsive yoyo.


I go for Speeder! :wink:

(JonasK) #5

If you can’t bind, get a Dark Magic, or maybe even a Velocity. And if you want to go really far out, Flying V.


If you’re not very good at 1a yet, you probably want to get a dark magic or a plastic. Maybe a kickside, Lyn fury or a Velocity will be good for you. Highly recommend the velocity though, because you can adjust the response, so that when you are pro, you can make it unresponsive, but when you are starting, you can make it responsive.


hmm thanks for the advice. i might go for a dark magic. i’ve read some reviews that say that the alu weight rings dent easily if the yoyo hits the ground. are they really THAT soft?


If you take anything aluminium thats thin, and whack it on the floor, its probably gonna dent.

Its not the kind of dents you would see on coke cans, but more like deep scratches. Just keep your string short, hand above your waist, and it will be fine. If you accidentally whack the floor and get a dent, just sand off any metal thats sticking out to prevent scratches on your own skin.

Also, you’re not gonna get deep scratches as long as you don’t play on concrete, brick, rocks or anything like that.

Just be careful, and don’t worry about the scratches. Unless you are planning to sell it next time, don’t care about them. Yoyos were meant to be thrown. (I can’t remember who this quote is from.)

PS. I know this is awkward, I ask everyone who is from singapore this question. Are you from NJC?


thanks for clarifying that point.

lastly, does the dark magic have an adjustable gap? i heard that the response could be adjusted, and do i have to purchase anything extra to adjust the gap size or such?

and i’m hci sec 4 haha


The adjustable gap basically just means that the threads on the screw are pretty thick or whatever the word is. This is so that you can unscrew the yoyo a bit, and the yoyo won’t unscrew while spinning at high rpm. So, you can unscrew the yoyo quite a lot, so that the gap of the yoyo can be adjusted.

If you are planning on using this, it is recommended to get shims, so that you can adjust the gap of the yoyo, and every time you adjust it, it will be to the exact same amount.


The point of the adjustable gap is to make it wider, which allows it to take more string layers before it dies, and allows it to spin longer more easily, by preventing the string from rubbing on the edges.

Haha, I’m from NJC sec 1  ;D lol our schools are actually quite close to each other. Might have seen you before  ::slight_smile:


get a speeder its so easy to bind


??? If you can bind a metal, yes, it will be relatively easy. But if you can’t bind a DV888, it doesn’t mean you can bind a speeder.

Its relative.

(JM) #13

Aluminum is very pliable metal, meaning it doesn’t take very much force to manipulate (or ding, in this case) it. Make peace with the fact that your first 1A yo-yo is going to get some dings now, so you wont get too dissappointed later.


JM knows what he is talking about… My DM, second yoyo currently and the yoyo i learned to bind with, the first time i threw it i tried to tug it back to my hand but it was very unresponsive, fully tightened and factory “lubed”, it didnt return and my hand instinctly went to try and kind of catch it but it fell and hit my patio, cement, and shot sparks at my friend leo. had a nice scratch, nothing un-sandable.

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I would go with DM.