just a couple of questions

well im just starting to get into yo yos and the one i have right now isnt very good. im looking buy a new one asap but im not really sure which one to buy just to start out with. I know most of the basics and what not. I was looking at the selection of Yo Yo’s that this website offers and i saw the DarkMagic is the hot pick right now, is that a good choice?

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the dark magic is not exactly my favorite beginner yoyo because it involves binding which is kinda hard to do as a beginner

you can adjust it to be responsive with a little twist here

the speeder is the last yoyo i had. it comes responsive because it has a starburst response and an o ring mixed. it is similar to the DM (dark magic) but responsive and the grinds are not as good. otherwise it is a great yoyo. you should also look into the fast 201 and the flying squirrel. those were my first 2 yoyos

Starburst doesn’t make yoyos responsive. Hybrid doesn’t make yoyos responsive. (Generally speaking of course.)

The Dark Magic is a good yoyo and can be made responsive by simply tightening the gap. It is a great yoyo and will progress with you through yoyoing.

Also, there are lots of plastic yoyos that can be responsive and more unresponsive. The Velocity from YYF and the plastic yoyos from YYJ (Journey, Lyn Fury, Kickside, etc…) are all such yoyos.

Heck dude…Buy the yyf velocity.
Its an amazing yoyo that you can use to do the jamaican flag to wrist whips to mcbride rcoaster.
I’d get it if i were you.