YYF Shutter or OD Benchmark or OD Rally

Hello all,

I am new to the forums and pretty new to throwing in general. I am looking for a beginner/intermediate yoyo for around $60. I have been looking at the Shutter but have also heard good things about the OD Benchmark.

I am looking for an all metal, unresponsive that plays well for a beginner. Any suggestions would be great. Or if anyone has one for sale let me know.

Which shape do you like better?

I like a v shape. So probably the benchmark for shape.

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Should I also consider the OD Rally?

Plastics are awesome but it’s up to you if you’re interested in that.

Some budget metals and good plastics I’d consider:
Werrd Minute (fun undersize metal)
YYO Hatchet
YYF Shutter, and new czm8 (haven’t tried it yet since they’re not for sale at yye yet but will be soon)
Onedrop Benchmarks, and rally
Something Crazy d (my favorite playing plastic), and addiction
C3 Level 6 (My favorite performing budget metal)
Magic yoyo N12 (Best priced budget metal)

I bought a Shutter and CZM8 last night at the throwdown and I must say they are both awesome throws. I’ve had the shutter before but I traded it and I missed it so much I bought another one (the new silver one). Comes with a center track already in it. I love this yoyo and I don’t think I’ll be letting this one go got awhile. As for the CZM8, it’s a great throw and I like the feel of it but I prefer the shutter.

I haven’t tried a rally yet but I’ve heard good and bad.

My opinion, you can beat the shutter for its price, playability and performance. It’s an all around winner for me.

OD Benchmark V hands down… If it werent for the similar specs of the 3 benchmarks, it would be $90. Great deal, great yoyo

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The C3 Level 6 looks good. How would it compare to the shutter and benchmark.

I own the Shutter, OD Rally, Duncan Echo 2, Duncan strix, Crazy D, protostar, level 6 and,finally benchmark H.
Conclusion. if you want a fast, all around competition level yoyo that can handle anything Level 6 is for you. In my opinion. It can push harder and feels more solid than benchmark h.
If you want the best plastic with BLAZING SPEED. Get the Crazy D. It has that superb plastic feel.
If you are a player that goes with the flow and want that amazing kk bearing pre installed. Get the Duncan Strix. It flows very well.
If you want a grind yoyo and decent all around. Get the bead blasted shutter.
But overall Level 6 is just too good.

Thanks so much. I think you just sold me on the Level 6 ;D

Probably doesn’t have enough experience to know other than looks.
The blasted shutter is more “well rounded” in the sense that it can grind.

You are right. How much difference is there between the 2 (shutter and level 6)

For someone new to throwing, they will both be capable of sustaining your bag of tricks for years to come. I wasn’t trying to stop you from getting the level 6, but all of the yoyos everyone mentioned are fine quality throws. Everyone has their preferences. One thing that beginners don’t consider enough is weight. Yes, heavier throws generally provide better spin times, but they will wear your arm out quicker. That being said, considering you are new, it will probably be a while before you are stringing together 45 second combos, so most new throwers can live without mega spin time for a bit. In my opinion, the added practice time that a lighter throw provides outweighs the spin time for a new thrower working on the basics.

The weight difference between the Shutter and Level 6 is almost 0. They are all around 68 grams. The sleep time are about the same too. The Level 6 is significantly faster than Shutter and more easy to accelerate. The shutter is more comfortable to hold and feels more comfortable when thrown. Generally the Level 6 outperforms the Shutter in speed, acceleration and easiness of maneuvers.

If you think weight is an issue, get the Duncan Strix. This yoyo is only 66.1 grams and it packs a punch. It is easy to throw, re-gen and very floaty. It helps you master your craft and go with the momentum. It also has a 10 ball KK bearing pre installed which is superb. P.S it is also very good at slow horizontal for beginners.

I understand that the shutter and the level 6 have a negligible weight difference, but the implication was that a lighter throw might serve him better. I also agree that the level 6 is a little quicker, but I don’t necessarily think that speed or long spin times are must haves to get into unresponsive yoyoing. I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but I think there is a lot of validity to the “work on your throw” mantra. As I said before, ultimately any modern yoyo will do the trick until the OP develops his own personal preferences. (I also second the Strix)

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So the one drop is not in the running?

I never tried the level 6, but i love my benchmark alot more than my shutter. Although the shutter does play amazing, I just cant put down the benchmark . I have the V and im loving it.
There should be no wrong choice between the Shutter, Level 6, or the Benchmark.

Cool thanks ;D

I’ll say Benchmark because 1. it sounds like that’s the direction you’re leaning in anyway and 2. I personally really want to try a Benchmark V, it looks great.

Hands down the Benchmark. You have three amazing shapes to choose from as well as the ability to play around with the Side Effects. Want something a little lighter? Throw on a pair of Ultralights. Looking to add some weight, find a pair of brass Side Effects.