YYF Shutter or OD Benchmark or OD Rally

Regarding an earlier comment, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to convince me that two yoyos of similar dimensions and the same weight can have human-detectable differences in speed and “acceleration”. At that point in time it’s mental.

Physics shows that a yoyo is essentially a weight at the end of a tether with some gyroscopic stabilization. The yoyo’s speed will be somewhat impacted by resistance in the air, but these are both similarly-shaped yoyos, neither of which offer significant drag at the speeds we are playing them at.

But if a yoyo gives you the mental desire or confidence to “push harder”, you might find yourself playing it faster. Still, a mental factor, not a physical one.

I guess I am leaning towards a benchmark because OD is local to me and I like to support local business. I just wanted to make sure it was ok for a new player as I am a NOOB :slight_smile:

We all gotta start somewhere! When I first started on a unresponsive yoyo, I was smacking my face back and forth, now look where I am in my throwing endeavors. Everything just takes time!

Paul said it exactly right.
Although if you haven’t already, I would buy a cheap responsive yoyo or looper before or at the same time you’re playing unresponsive. It really helps your technique if you learn on a responsive first.

OD Benchmark’s look amazing

You from Oregon?

I have several responsive yoyo’s and 1 cheap unresponsive. I can bind and do some basic tricks but need/want a higher end yoyo.


What part? Visit us if you can.

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Perfect! ;D

Who is “us” are you from One drop.

david is indeed one of the owners

Come to the One Drop factory :slight_smile: Get a tour, hang out, yoyo with Paul Dang. It’s a good time.

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That’s good to know since I already have an appointment to come by tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to see ya!! Good times are ahead!

See it’s things like this ^ that make everyone love Onedrop so much. ;D


Well I ended up with a Rally and a Benchmark :slight_smile:

Great to meet you and your son yesterday. See you again soon.