I am looking for a good advanced yoyo under $60


I am looking for a good advanced yoyo that is under $60. Right now i use the Duncan flipside. I dont really care if its plastic but i really want an all metal


Check out my thread “$40-$60 recommendations.” I can’t link it on this app, but I ended up with an OD Benchmark H and love it!!! There are plenty of options closer to $40 though.


You are going to get a lot of suggestions on many different yoyos and every one of them is worth looking at. I personally like C3’s Level 6. It is $50 and plays very well.


Ok. Thanks. Ill look into those


Oh and I’ve heard amazing things about the werrd 86400. Have u guys tried that?


Also the shutter


Yeah, shutter


How does it spin?


If you want something that sleeps, great for learning, and competitive, you have to go with either the Shutter or the CZM8. The Shutter is competition ready and the CZM8 is one of the most stable throws in that 40-60 price range. Just wait for the great colors to come out from YYF. Either one, you won;t be disappointed.


Thanks! And do you know of anyplace where they would actually let you try them out. This is a strange question lol


Um… Yoyo meets. Friends, People


Ok. Thanks


Oh and im also thinking about the werrd minute


The minute is excellent if you want something a little bit smaller

The yoyoOfficer Musket is also on it’s way to yoyoexpert and should be an amazing throw otherwise I’d choose between a level 6, shutter or benchmark series since the too hot is sold out.


Thanks! I’ve had a ton of suggestions but they all look great. Thanks you everybody for helping!! And if another good one comes out please keep posting. Thanks everyone!!




Take a look at the Yoyofficer Hatchet. It is a great throw for $60. I like it better than the Shutter.

If you want something inexpensive that is still great take a look at the n12 from Yoyo Magic. Get it on eBay for about $25. It is really a great throw and comparable to the Shutter and others in the under $60 price range. The low price makes it an outstanding value.


If you’ve been looking at the Minute already, no need to look further. :wink:

It IS a smaller yoyo, but don’t be fooled by its own description of “undersized”. It’s more like a mid-sized yoyo. It doesn’t feel particularly tiny in the hand.


Look at the YYF Shutter, CZM8, C3 Level 6, Di Base 2, every single MagicYoYo, pretty much half the YOYOFFICER line is under or equal to $60, there are many options so yeah, and I’m pretty sure that most, if not all, of the yoyos that I said could fingerspin so thats a bonus…


On eBay ive seen alot of yoyos called magicyoyos and there like really really cheap. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about them. Alot are even under $12 and there full metal