New yoyo

I am in advanced tricks currently using a yoyofactory whip.I have been looking for a metal yoyo under 60$.any recommendations?Thanks! :slight_smile:

C3 level 6 when it comes out

Onedrop Benchmark series when it’s restocked

Werrd minute if you want undersized

YYF shutter if you can’t wait for the level 6 or just want something of a slightly different shape

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Hit the bst and look around a bit. You can get more bang for your buck.

This if you can. I’ve seen a couple of Yyr’s for 60 which is kinda insane.

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Level 6.

YYF Shutter

Werrd Minute gets my vote. They call it “undersized” but at 53mm it’s not truly undersized in my opinion. Plays like a mid-sized for sure.

I agree, or benchmark those look nice.

Shutter or Minute if you’re not sure what to look for in the Bst

Werrd Minute