Best Under 50

I’m looking to get a new Yoyo. I am on a budget so I was hoping for something under 50. Preferably metal. What would yall suggest?

The C3 Level 6 is a good choice and is priced right at $50. Look around the Forum and you will find a lot of good reviews on it.

Probably the C3 Level 6’

YYF Shutter is definitely a good choice as well. However I haven’t tried either of those. The best one I’ve tried is a Delrin Severe, but it’s plastic, however, probably the best plastic I’ve played overall

Wait for the Too Hot for $45 and looks excellent

Otherwise you have yoyoofficer’s lineup which is all good and unique, level 6, minute, shutter, and czm8

My current choice would probly be the shutter due to my preferences. Especially since the silver comes with a centertrack but make sure to get extra pads since the red ones wear out quickly