What is the best yoyo under $60

I was wondering what you all would recommend for a good yoyo under $60

The Hatchet 2 by Yoyofficer would be my number 1 choice. Absolutely fantastic yoyo. The shutter might also be a good choice though.

Ok. Thanks :smiley:

I have had the YYF Shutter since January this year and it was the best $50 ever spent. It plays just as well as some higher priced yoyo’s I have tried. The Horizon might also be a good yoyo for the same price.

I hope this helps!

By far the C3yoyodesign Accelerator, crazy stability, speed and agility. It is a monster.

I think i will try the hatchet 2 and the c3 accelerator

If you just get your budget 5 $ up. You’ll get the yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0. I love it.

Otherwise get a yoyofactory 2hot or Czech point.

Duncan Torque! At $45 you can not beat it.

YYF Czech Point. Stable, speedy but any speed really, really really smooth, and just a nice floaty feel.

Thanks, i went ahead and bought the czech point. Love it

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Thanks! It’s good to have another person buy it and love it! #TeamVashek