Looking for a new throw

I am kind of new to yo-yoing, I can do basic tricks, basic string tricks and everything. Trying to work on my binding now. What yo-yo would you guys recommend for something that would play well for me now but be good as I advance? My budget is sub $50, trying to keep it lower, I am on a college budget.
Thanks all in advance

Your best bet would be level 6. At fifty dollars it is an awesome yoyo that is super stable soild and packs punch. It is more aggressive and soild than Shutter, Strix, Echo 2, Rally, Yeti, and Crazy D. I know this cause I tried and owned them all. :smiley: It is really a full size metal throw that matches 100 plus dollar yo-yos.

C3 Speedahlic. It’s $13 and an excellent unresponsive yoyo. As your first unresponsive yoyo you’re gonna beat it up as you get used to binds so I wouldn’t spend too much. As you get good with the speedaholic get something else like the magicyoyo n12, c3 level 6, yoyofactory shutter, too hot, czm8, or some of the new yoyoofficer lineup. The musket from yoyoofficer looks great