Yoyo for learning to bind

I’m a beginner thrower who hasn’t touched a yoyo in about ten years. I know most of the basics and am looking to start learning side mount tricks, grinds and most importantly, how to bind.

I’m hoping to save my money for a nice unresponsive yoyo (Probably the Horizon), so I am looking for a budget yoyo less than 20$ to learn how to bind and do basic side mounts before moving on to the unresponsive yoyo. I have been looking at the YYJ Prelude ($15), but am unsure if that will help with what I am trying to do.

P.S. If it really isn’t recommended that I get a very cheap yoyo to learn to bind, I am not against buying a higher budget yoyo such as the dark magic II, it just means that I will be spending a lot more time with that yoyo before moving onto another.


Yoyofactory Replay pro.

Or Classic with a C size bearing.

Or c3 speedaholic.

Or yeah those only. Lol

I’d get the yyf replay it’s a great Yoyo to learn binding and other tricks on

Yoyofactory Replay Pro is the best plastic throw under $20 hands down. If you want a different shape, the YYF Onestar isn’t a bad choice. Go with the Replay :wink:

Replay. You won’t feel bad for beating it up (I haven’t actually beat mine yet), but even among my more expensive throws, I’ll still come to this and use it. This yoyo will take you a long way.

YYF Replay Pro, best yoyo value I have come across. I carry this with me everywhere I go