Help a noob

Hi everyone I’m new to yoyos and all that and I was wondering another any suggestions for a first yoyo money isn’t really an issue either so any help would be greatly appreciated

If you’ve never thrown yoyo before: Fast201 (Yoyofactory) OR Classic (Yoyojam)
If you’ve thrown a yoyo a bit before: Dv888 (yoyofactory) OR Maverick (Yomega)
More expensive options that will still work with a somewhat newbie: Shutter (yoyofactory), Benchmark (any of them) (Onedrop), or TooHot (Yoyofactory)

Good luck!

Well, prepare to have your topic moved, first off.

BUT, if you are willing to learn binds from the start, the YoYoFactory Replay Pro is the best yoyo to cost ratio that I’ve come across. Other than that, you can hunt for B/S/T deals on some pretty great yoyos.

Also, you say money isn’t an issue, but as a newb, have you taken the time to find out how much high end yoyos cost? :wink:

If you can do the bind, the Shutter is an AMAZING yoyo to learn tricks on. It will take you a long way.

I started with a yomega ooch because I got it for $5 from a friend who taught me how to bind ,but i would suggest the yyj Classic

FG Dazzler

apparently can’t ding

you said money isn’t problem

I started with 888.
lost it because I was bored of responsiveness

If you can’t bind, get a YYJ Classic.

If you CAN bind, get any Tropic Spins.