First YoYo in 15+ year

So I’m looking at getting back into this stuff after fifteen plus years of being out of it. Some things appear to have changed (friction strips, wtf?), so I’m not sure whats the way to go these days. I have an old collection, but since some of the yoyos are 20 years old, I’d rather not damaged them :slight_smile:

I’d like to get one or two basic throws to ease myself back into things. Suggestions?

-Do you know how to bind the yoyo?
Sorta (understand the idea, wasn’t able to do it very well years ago)

-Do you have a yoyo that you own or played with that you have liked very much?
Nothing recent, used to own some wooden Tom Kuhns & a silver Bullet, a few Duncan plastic, some Yomegas. Bullet was nice but a bit thin, yomegas too heavy :confused: Never toyed with friction stickers, pads, etc (replaced axels though)

-Do you have a preferred shape of the yoyo?
Probably butterfly, as long as its not huge. Classic alright.

-Do you have a preferred weight or weight distribution?
My old Tom Kuhn Wooden yoyos were a nice weight as was the Silver Bullet. Yomegas were a bit heavy.

-Do you have a price range?
$10-25? I’d like to maybe get 2 different types.

-Do you have a certain amount of yoyos narrowed down?
No, but if it were plastic I’d prefer it to be heavy duty enough to take some dings. Metal look neat but worried about dinging them too.

-What trick are you currently working on?
Convincing the wife to let me start up yet another hobby.

Thank ye all :smiley:

yyf onestar
yyj classic
yomega firestorm
yomega crossfire

these should give you a good starter

YYF Velocity.  It’s about 3 grams heavier than your No-Jives and can be just as responsive with a tug after a sleeper as them, but can also be unresponsive (bind-ready) when you’d like it to be.

Yyj classic. All time favorite budget yoyo. Once you feel comfortable with it, you can change the pads and bearing to a size c, then you should be able to do most things with it

These are my choices in order

  1. classic
  2. onestar
  3. speedaholic

although some people will swear by the velocity i found it very impractical. its an okay beginner but if you buy it you will soon find yourself needing a new yoyo. This yoyo doesn’t last long i have seen quite a few of these break in under half a year. it also is very dated, which doesn’t help it at all.

the onestar, classic, and the speedoholic are the best choices for the price.

Thanks all, nice selection to look over:D

I’d refer to most of them as classic rather than old.

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I’m in full agreement with you here. I purchased one when I first got back into yoyoing. About a week later I was putting in an order for a dark magic II. I actually gave it away and it was returned to me within a week because my buddy bought himself a yelets.

To OP, needless to say, the velocity is good to start on, but it will leave you wanting greatly. I would recommend a DMII by YYJ as a starter yoyo. It comes with both a responsive bearing and an unresponsive wide bearing. And the Ghost edition weighs in at 70 grams, which scared the crap out of me when I ordered it, but that weight is so fun. Easy to learn on too.

The Velocity’s fantastic IMO. (I’ve only tried the first one, however).

He also wanted something near the weight of a No-Jive.

DarkMagicII’s are excellent though if you’re able to purchase one. I believe whatever you get, make sure it’s a high walled yoyo; it’ll force you to keep your yoyo from tilting during play.

Yoyojam classic is a full size low walled responsive throw with rubber oring response that won’t need replacement. Easily the best option at it’s price of $10. The C3 Speedaholic is a wider body but still low walled and has a good weight along with being unresponsive. That way you get 2 different but modern shaped and get both an unresponsive and responsive yoyo. The onestar might be more your style as an unresponsive yoyo since it’s a bit lighter than the speedaholic though.

Don’t get th Velocity, it’s an awful choice. I would spring for the YYJ Classic. Buy a spare bearing with it too. Swap out the bearing and you’ll have a perfectly playing unresponsive YoYo. You could also pick up the Yoyojam Journey. A super durable and fun throw that’ll last you a while.

Why not get a Tom Kuhn wooden yoyo since you liked them before? they are still great yoyos

Here is one I would get starting out.

He has about 10 of them I think  :D

EDIT: that was more of an exaggeration.  About 4 I see in the pic.

There’s nothing wrong with a 5th

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