New here

im Very new in yoyoing( want to start learning )
I have a budget of 200$
is it high Enough budget for all i need
(beginners yoyo (Plastic), advanced yoyo (all metal), threads end Lubs)
What do I need (Which yoyos should i get?)
im buying it all et ones to save money on shipment

I’d hit up the YoYo Factory Tab and get either the 401SD, Adjust-o-Matic, or Speed Dial… All these great yoyos from YYF that can go from responsive to unresponsive with the twist of a dial… And because your only buying one yoyo, you still have a good chunk of your budget for other stuff… I’d bet 200 strings would do you for a while, get a Free Hand Zero… Cheap, durable plastic… Comes with free counter weights, Some pads for said FHZ, and there might be enough money left over for maybe two loopers, and if you buy cheaper ones… (Say sunsets from Yoyojam) you might have some moolah left over for a 4A yoyo.

I can buy more than one (That’s what I Going to do ) just dont pass the 200$
I thought to buy the yyj Legacy As my first yoyo I’m not sure about the Second 1

With the legacy you would need to know how to do a bind return.

When your just starting out, I suggest buying a yoyo that is tug responsive like YYJ journey, YYJ lyn fury, YYF velocity or something with an adjustable gap. Also buy some acessories like some lube, a bunch of strings and some respinse systems for the yoyo’s you buy.

My suggestion:
1st yoyo- YYJ Kickside/Lyn Fury
2nd yoyo- YYF Dv888 (when learning to bind, do it on carpet and away from any hard or fragile objects)
String- 300 count 100% White poly (the colored ones often don’t play too well)
Extra response- slim pad(888 size) get like 3 or 4, the color doesn’t matter but the size does
Lube- Thin and Thick (1 of each)
Bearing- get one extra YYF SPEC bearing (size C) just in case
Offstring yoyo- YYJ Fiesta, it is AWESOME
Looping- I am not a good person for this, so you can search around for which is good. I don’t think you’ll want to but you can wait until August to get the YYF Loop 900’s. A lot of people say the the YYJ Sunsets are easier to start with (I use Sunsets myself). I am clueless when it comes to the YYF Loop 720’s, Duncan Speed Beetles and all those other ones.

Total- It comes out to $195.15 plus shipping. I think shipping is about $30.

shipping is 5$
i know how to binid
so i dont need unresponsive yoyo
the dv888 is to small for me
i dont need Offstring ,Looping yoyo for now

if you know how to bind than you want an unresponsive yoyo.

If i were you, I’d get a 401sd, 300 count 100% poly string. 3 YYF spec bearings. And a FHZ.

That’s all anyone really ever needs to have a successful yoyo career. The 401sd can take you from begging to master with a turn of a dial.

LOL, you sound like you get the money if he buys it.

is the yyf genesis a good yoyo?
it seems like a good yoyo + its so cool

I haven’t played it, but I have only heard GREAT things about it.
The H-shape may or may not be comfortable for you.

So what should I buy?

Buy what ever you like the look of basically, read up on the stats and make a decision, if you dont like it you can always trade it on the BST.

K2J Warning Line on YoYoGuy :o

ok well here is my sugestions

Start out with a protostar(trust me on this if you know how to bind than this is great to get started with)-35$

Then you should get a severe- 100$

plus the lube-10$

and some string-10$


really both these yoyos are fantastic please give them a try

a protostar, lube, 100 strings, and a you want a good metal… 888x, dv888, genesis and so many more. (just pick a metal you think would be good)

I know I need a big yoyo
I tried the x-convict and it is to little for me

ok big… then probably not a 888x or the fundaMETALS but the genesis, severe, G5, and Primo. but if you want hub stacks then a superstar or a stacked genesis. you could also get a clyw (any of them would be great.)

but it depends, are you ok with an H shaped yoyo?

The Campfire and Wooly Marmot are both undersized, so some CLYW’s would be good for you.

ok yes not all of them but some :slight_smile: