what yoyo to get?

So, i recently just got into yoyo-ing and it might just be me but this duncan reflex just isn’t quite cutting it for me. I’m trying to learn some new tricks on this and it just doesn’t quite sleep long enough. So I’d like some recommendations on what yoyo i should get particularly good for off-string and counter-weight and preferably in the $20-30 price range. your input is appreciated thank you.

I think kickside is good for you it is a counter weight and 1A yoyo it is only 15.30$

Like the above says, Kicksides are great beginner yoyos, along with the other cheap Yoyojams such as Lyn Fury, Speeder, Journey, and others.

The cheaper Yoyofactory yoyos are great too, like the Velocity, Starlight, Grind Machine, etc.

but if you know how to bind and you’re advance player get a northstar or protostarit is 5$ more

When I was a beginner, one of the first things I forced myself to learn was how to bind. I just went unresponsive right off the bat. When you use unresponsive yoyos, it makes tricks easier to learn because the yoyo will sleep longer. So I highly recommend learning how to bind early. Of course, learn how to throw a sleeper, and get the yoyo back to your hand, or you’ll get frustrated. But once you learn to throw a sleeper and other basic ABC yoyo tricks, I’d learn to bind.

All of the yoyos people have suggested on this thread are an excellent choice for beginners.

A Kickside is an excellent choice if you are a begginer and want to do 5A. Oh, and the Kickside never gets old. I still use mine.

for your price range and style of play, yoyojam plastics are so good for you. like mentioned before

I’m at an intermediate level right now and i do know how to bind because i stayed up many nights very late practicing binds i just need a nice, fast, and preferably cheep yoyo i looked into the raptor and im thinking about getting that.

hmmm… yeah but you’re doing 5a… raptor + 5a = idk, weird. but if you are playing 1a, i recomend protostar, northstar, raptor, dv888 shinwoo zen, shinwoo zen 5.

all of the ones i mentioned are used for 1a mostly but idk about 5a

if u want one for 5a go for the glow nasty

for 1a i would recommend a protostar or dark magic2

if u want a metal then a dv888

I’ve read some reviews on the dark magic2 and it doesnt sound like something i would be able to pick up very easily I’ve thought about it and it does look great but would someone like me really be able to pick one of those up and use it efficiently?

well I don’t know what you mean but if you liked the Dm2 go for it. It is good beginner yoyo and good to play advance trick bacause it comes in responsive and unresponsive bearing

i have a dm2 but it seems like all bimetals have much vibe. its not my throw but it’s got vibe.
rather get dv888. its all metal, smooth for grinds and is just all metal