Recommend please

I’m Halfway through advanced part looking for a metal yoyo (nothing over 60$ But just a little bit if u really think I should get it)I was going to get level 6 but that was right when it came out. Any reccomendations?

What do you currently own?

For unresponsive dm2 and a whip

Used General Yo hatrick

Shutter, or level 6.

Just saw a mint wasteland Code 1 in the BST for $50. Absolutely insane deal for one of the best yoyos ever.

If you can find a OneDrop Benchmark (60) or Cafe-racer (60). A special Edition OneDrop Rally ($45) would be a good choice. I own one… plays very well just like a metal.

It’s a just under $60 (@$59.99) bucks but the Werrd Hour ($59.99) might be a good choice too. I own one of those too… and they have a very long spin time plus made out of a nice 7075 aluminum. The Werrd also comes with a very nice grooved bearing great for learning longer string tricks.

It’s just a tad over but the Werrd Eighty-Six 400 ($65) is a great choice too.

DV888 would be another option. Or like others have said…if you can find someone selling a mint used throw (OD/YYF/Werrd/YYJ/DS/GY) that might be another option.

Good Luck

Btw no bst

C3 Level 6 is an absolute beast. V shape with stability and smooth.