Moving on.

Hey guys.

I’ll be getting a Velocity in a day or two, and after that I’ll be hoping to move onto something metal or part metal.

What do you recommend for 1A yoyoing at an Intermediate/Advanced level thats cheap?
I also like kinda small Yoyos, ones that fit in your hand well.
What’s some of the cheapest all-metals?
Or should I consider something like a Dark Magic or a Hitman?
I’m looking at the L3 and the Virus aswell.


Well the Velocity is a very great yoyo, and should last you through all the tricks on this site… And if you fall inlove with it theres this:

I found it on a UK site, it’s kinda expensive.
What are some of the best small metals?
Stuff like 888’s but cheaper.

You cant go wrong with any of the fundametals… And then check out OneDropDesign… Thats about as cheap as you can go with new metals… There is though…

I think the FundaMetals are a bit too expensive, as are OneDropDesign.

I mean… I’ll try and get a DV888 or a Hectic. Large Bearings.
But are there any cheaper alternatives?

Used yoyos are your only “Cheap” Metal…

You could move to a Plastic/Metal Hyrbid… Their around 40 dollars…

Well I can get a metal for the same price as Hitman/DarkMagic/BlackKnight.
The L3 from Auldey. I just want to know if theres any others.

I’ve never played an L3 but if you want it go for it…

I personaly cant think of any other metals that cheap… but I hear the OneDrop Dingo will be less than $50

I see…
I may attempt to save my cash for a DV888 or a Hectic.
Which of the two is nice and small and smooth on the string?

If you get a high quality metal and play smooth but the yoyo isn’t… Its broken…

Most likely you wont be able to play the yoyo to its smoothness potential at first…

Their both undersized… So look at the pictures and choose by shape…

If you click the picture in the shop you will be able to look at different angle shots…

It’s a very good shop, but because I’m in the UK, the added shipping is a tad too much. I’ll try and find a UK site.

Which is best for 1A Yoyoing?
Large or small bearing?

For you… still getting into it, Large…

Small bearings are geared more twards Advanced players


In my opinion, the Hectic looks better and nicer and the rims look bigger on it, which I like more.
But I’m still considering the DV888 because I’ve heard so much good stuff about it.

Either way, your not getting a bad yoyo… They both have flat rims, and are both undersized… but the Dv888 is rounder while the Hectic has sharper angles…

Hm… I think I’ll have to go for looks then.

I’m gonna go for the Hectic. Love the colors and shapes.

Once i’ve mastered my Velocity, I’ll move on. :smiley:

Glad I could help after two pages of this… Who knows… Maybe after you get good on the Velocity somthing different will come out, or your budget may be different…

Good Luck!

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