Need a New Metal Yoyo

I know I posted this before, but I got denied! :frowning:

Now I have my own money, just $200, but I don’t want to blow it all on a yoyo. So do I really need a metal? I have a dark magic right now, and I’m trying to do ladder escape.

If it is worth it, I would like a full-sized yoyo, silicone response, not much modding, color doesn’t really matter, just no all black, and it needs to be as cheap as possible with the effects of metal.

There is always M1. It is undersized though.

DNA sound about right.

888 is a little small…

Give us more detail like Samad’s No yoyo is Better thing, you know where to find it.

Of course you do not need a metal but If you think you are ready tthen go right ahead!
I can do escape ladder for onle 3 weeks and I have had a metal for a while longer.

If you want a cheap metal, Just hit the BSTs, I just got an 888 (07 b-grade Mint…) For 15 dollars.

So if you don’t want to spend so much and just want to see if you like metal look for some cheap ones to test.

evan,he did post answers to the questions,anyways DNA sounds good

a superstar, dna, or a dv888 if you decide you like it even though it is small. :wink:


I know about the high-ended ones. Anything under $100? The shape is complicated. I used to like my DM’s shape, but tried a speed-maker, and discovered the shape was easier to use, but I still like the DM’s shape… but I like speed-maker shape?

I might be wrong, but isn’t the Meteor an all-metal version of the Speeder?

Ohh… yeah. Any other cheap ones? Also, is a M1 really that good? Cause I never tried undersized before, and it might be easier for tricks…

trust me,I thought m1s sucked when I saw them but then I tried one,love,really an awsome yoyo and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth the $60

I had an M1. It was amazing once the bearing was broken in. Then I got an L3. Both of these are good ones, but I like my L3 better. They might be a little bit smaller than what you want but I would highly recommend the L3 or even M1. But you don’t really need a metal. It just helps.

I think you need a Milk or an AXIOM

Pistolero sounds perfect for you.

Don’t take this the wrong way but the Milk isn’t exactly metal…Just saying.

I second that. I am a big fan of the Pistolero. My favorite size/shape yoyos include the DNA and DM. Although the pistolero is slightly smaller it feels heavier than advertised, very beefy.Not to mention, the finish on it is smoother than silk. I would HIGHLY recommend one. It’s sold out on SPYY but they claim b-grades will be sold soon.

He isn’t looking for a metal in particular, just under 100$ YoYo.

DNA, Meteor, M1, DV888, and most Derlin.

Well, an M1 is undersized so it may not fit you. I think the DNA is a perfect fit for you. :wink: And a milk is not metal. XD

I need a metal yoyo. The problem is I’ve never tried an undersized… can anyone give me the dimensions of the M1? I’ll draw it out on paper and see. I know about the over $100 ones. I know. DNA, Bully, Pistolero, 888 would fit me, but I’m looking for a good yet cheap metal.


  • Width: 35mm
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Gap Width: 4.3mm

And converted (rounded to the tenths place):

  • Width: 1.4in
  • Diameter: 2 in
  • Gap Width: 0.2in

888 is undersized. Bully is sold out/discontinued. Go for a DNA or Pistolero.

To Evan: I think he is looking for a metal since the title is “Need A New Metal YoYo”

Bully’s are actually just beginning to get into production.