What is a good high-end metal yoyo for me to buy?

I was either thinking the Yomega Prodigy, the YoTricks Civility, or the YoYoFactory Shutter. Any recommendations?

What price range are you looking at?

There’s about 1,000 that are <= the price of the prodigy that are great. What are you looking for in a yoyo?

For me the civility would be a little big and heavy for example.

If you don’t know what you want as far as size, weight, and shape you should probably start with a cheaper metal to get a feel for it.

The shutter is a pretty good place to start actually. I find it a little hard to hand start because of the shape, but it’s a great performer for a fairly low price.

The 3 you named are 3 that are recommended by another site. Have you looked at some of the brands on this site?

I am looking to spend up to about the $100 range.

If you must spend $100, then get the Civility. If you are looking for anything, they all sound great and it’s up to you and your preferences.

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For $100 you could probably pick up a Shutter/CZM8 and a Benchmark. With companies recently putting out some sensational budget throws, it’s suprising how much $100 can buy. :slight_smile:

You can probably find all of those on the BST and have some cash to spare!

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that’s how I found out about these 3, and i will check this site. I want to learn more advanced 1A tricks, and I can’t right now. the 2 main yo-yos I use right now, are the Yomega Xodus II, and the Dollar Tree yoyo. I use the Xodus II for learning tricks, and for 4A. I use the Dollar Tree to show friends, since it’s smaller, and metal. However, I hate how light it is. I, however, love the weight of the Xodus II. I can control it much easier, and get much better sleep times. I saw that the civility, which I will probably get, is metal, heavy, and smaller. I also like how long it sleeps, as i can only get 30 seconds out of the Xodus II, and 23 seconds out of the Dollar Tree yoyo. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the Civility sleeps for about 3 minutes, and I will definitely take that over either yoyo. But yeah, for size, weight, and shape, I need a metal, butterfly shape, small, heavy yoyo with a long sleep time, and as of now, I’m getting the Civility. I’m asking this, because I’m 13, and I only have my allowance to buy yo-yos. if I want to get one this expensive, I need to wait until about the middle of April.

Or, I could get 100 Dollar Tree yo-yos. they aren’t half bad. :slight_smile:

Spin time depends on a lot of factors, mostly on cleaness of play, how hard you throw and how many string layers your tricks have. As a relative beginner you’ll probably struggle to get a 30 second combo out of it, but as your play improves you’ll be able to increase that number.

That being said, any modern metal unresponsive yoyo will run rings around the Xodus 2. The only thing that yoyo is good for really is breaking knuckles. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of recommendations when you first try and pick up an unresponsive throw, so go with what one you want the most. If the civility is the one you have your heart set on, then go ahead, you won’t regret it. :slight_smile:

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Well, considering I got it as an upgrade from a Duncan Butterfly, I was pretty happy with it at first. But now, I need an upgrade.

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Just saying but the C3 speedaholic will destroy those and it’s a $13 plastic

WOuld personally stick with a cheaper metal throw like the level 6. It’s a full fledge competition yoyo with a good weight for $50. If you wanted something smaller you could get the werrd minute which an excellent undersized yoyo for $50 or get both and decide which fits you better.

Hey all,
Please refrain from referencing other stores. Thanks for understanding!

Dollar tree?

I own the Shutter and Prodigy. I have tried the Civility, too. The Shutter is just really good. You can get most knots out with just taking it out with your finger because of the low wall to the response. However, it seemed like a very high maintenance yoyo. I needed to replace the bearing after a month or so and the response pads fell out soon after. It may be that way because it was first run half red/black, but I don’t know.

The Civility is really nice for learning tricks on, however, I didn’t really like it. It felt like a rock on the string. That’s really all I have to say about that one.

Now the Prodigy is just flat out amazing. I know Daniel Dietz and he is amazing. You know you’re going to get a good signature yoyo out of him. And Yomega went a bit out of it’s comfort zone this time, collaborating with 2 other companies, Nick Gumlaw of Spin Dynamics, and One Drop. The shape is similar to the Deadly Spins Wrath and it plays hefty. Even at 65 grams, it still feels solid. It also looks kinda small but once you place it in your palm, it almost feels playful. Like it really wants to create tricks and go on stage.

So, I would recommend the Prodigy, as you can see from my massive wall of text, but y’know