Best yoyo for play under $60


I am looking for a really good yoyo for play under $60 please help


One Drop Benchmark H at $60 even. Also the Werrd Hour for $59.99, that’s under $60 haha :smiley:

Probably the best throws at $60 and under


My personal favorite under $60 would be the Crazy D.

Some others worth consideration would be:
All of the yoyofficer lineup
Benchmark series


Can get so much for that on the B/S/T, just look around, tons of great choices, hard to go wrong.


I would rather get new tho :confused:


Do you have anything you like at the moment?


BTW there’s probly a couple sites that will be doing a july 4th sale so you may be able to buy something a little more spendy if you wait till then


Um so far i like the shutter and dark magic


Duncan Torque. I cannot reccomend this thing enough.


Shutter, Benchmarks (pick the shape you like), Level 6. Cant really go wrong with any of those. Level 6 reminds me of the shape of the high end YYR competition throws, I like it alot =).


I would recommend the shutter or the rally. You definitely can’t go wrong with either! They’re both under your budget and play extremely well… Heck, I’d say they’re just as good as a lot of the higher priced throws out there! Both are really smooth, feel great in the hand, and have really long spin times. I’m glad that I picked both up, and will not be getting rid of them any time soon.

Keep us updated!


Oh sweet thanks for the advise


I like the Werrd Minute just a bit better than the Hour, and it costs less, too!

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Same here


The magic yoyo n12 is really good its like $25 but people compare it to like $100 yoyos


Draupnir is the best yoyo under $260. Jk. ;D I think the new Diffusion is a great throw too.