Best yoyo under 60 dollars?

Help! I’m getting a new yoyo and my budget is $60. What should I get?

I think the Protostar is a great yoyo! definitely is a sock knocker offer for a $35 dollar plastic

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I would recommed a Protostar + Magicyoyo T5. Total cost is $50 and they’re great.

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How about a Di-base by C3yoyodesign?

How’d ya forget?

Di Base :slight_smile:

Depends on ur skill level but I think the dv888 or the raptor Is the best yoyo for that price

Cafe Racer.

You could spend an extra $5 dollars and get a yyf yuuksta.

I love the Di Base. Definitely the best sub-$60 I own. I like it better than the Cafe Racer. It is more stable and forgiving, and it rewards a quality throw with plenty of spin time.

At $63, the RecRev Oscillatrix is supposed to be awesome. I don’t have one yet, so I can’t compare. Worth consideration though.

Check out the Magic Yoyos, for around 15$ a yoyo, they match YYF yoyos in smoothness and play!

Duncan raptor, echo, or metropolis are all great and under $50. Cant go wrong with proto/northstar either.

C3 Halo :slight_smile:

Well my friend has a Dark Magic 2, is that good?

It’s one of my personal favorites, if that means anything. I got plenty of stuff way more expensive that I also enjoy, but the DM2 is what I always come back to.

Yes it is good. It can take you from zero to hero. It’s a very popular yoyo for a reason. It’s very affordable, looks good, durable, stable, and can spin a long time. It’s also easily modified: you can remove the caps if you want to do IRG’s and/or want it a bit lighter. If you remove the caps, you can add some weight rings. If you don’t like the response, you can silicone it with flowable or red or blue silicone. Since it uses a C-sized bearing, if you don’t like the YYJ Speed Bearing(when you go unresponsive, it ships with the slim bearing installed and the Speed bearing in a baggie inside the package), you are free to replace it with the C-sized bearing of your choice and it will easily pop right in and out.

IMHO, I’d buy a used One Drop. Links just let one go (Project) on eBay for $24.00, that includes a 10 ball bearing that retails for $15.00. So, basically a beautiful throw for $10.00! Don’t buy new…cruise the BST.

10 balls cost $8.00…

Your right, I’m a Canuck so there is a surcharge especially with regards to shipping. Never the less now we have a $16.00 One Drop. The difference between $10 and $16 is chump change really. Still a great deal.