Best yoyo under 50$


What is the best one


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I’ll be the first to say it, there is no best yo-yo for under $50. One guy’s “best” is the next guy’s “I never liked it much”. There are certainly some wonderful throws out there below $50. You list your favorite as the DMII. That’s a really good one. For it’s price i have been pretty impressed with the play I get from the Trigger. It’s no use starting a list. Once you do some will say I left off something which should be included and another will say one on the list doesn’t truly belong.

If you have a Dark Magic II you already have a yoyo capable of taking you a long, long way.

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Depends what you’re looking for and what you like. And price at the time.

Coming close is the DM2 and Speeder 2. When I bought the Speeder 2 it was $45, now it’s higher. DM2 is still great even with the slightly higher price. I just got a third one, the latest via BST. I think the XCon Pro is under $50. If the Hitman Pro is, I’m adding that to the list. Brand new is the Trigger and at just under $30 should not be overlooked.

The dv888 is kind of bland to me. I would take my Protostar and Northstar over it. If course it doesn’t help that I prefer stuff on the full size anyways. The dv888 is a good yoyo, it’s just not an ideal fit for me.

How far down the price range you want me to go? I’m really enjoying my Glow-Nasty, DieNasty, PGM(stacked and stackless), Chaser, Legacy II, Lyn Fury, Starbright, PSG, Asteroid, Kickside, Speed Maker, Classic, and even my ONE and WHIP.

Let’s add any Magic YoYO into that mix

YYR Diffusion, definitely one of the best plastics I’ve got.

Let’s not ignore the $49.99 YoYofficer Aura. I’m sold on this brand. I’d say not because of the price, but price for performance at the $50 price limitation, it’s amazing. I’m really enjoying this one, and the sOMEThING Firmy is over your price range. YoYofficer seems to be another one of those no-compromise performance brands.

Maybe I like too much stuff. But Best? I don’t know… The Classic is pretty darn awesome for $10. I was impressed with the PSG and Asteroid, but the Classic drops the price and keeps the performance astoundingly high. With a new bearing and optional response replacement, the price does jump up a bit unless you have extra bearings and/or silicone or YYJ silicone pads. Best is just too subjective and relies on personal interpretation and individual preferences. With loads of options in shape, sizes, features and materials, there’s a lot of great stuff. In general, you’re going to find a lot of agreement that the Protostar is probably one of the best “Bang for the buck” values in this price range.

But, for a mere $5 more, the C3YoYoDesign DiBase really kicks a lot of major butt and is one I’d highly recommend it. If you want delrin, get the Halo for the same price.


Fitting your personal preferences will really what makes it best for you. As for my opinion, I say get a trigger with a full size bearing, it’s all I’ve been throwing lately and i have many a metal laying around. But of course, it fulfills many of my personal preferences.


The higher-end original Chinese brands such as BreakBeatYo, YoYoOfficer, God Tricks etc, have incredible value for money.


I love the Duncan yoyos. The echo metropolis and raptor all perform awesome and are under $50


Dittos on the Duncan Raptor. One of America’s most under appreciated yo-yos.


i heard you dinged yours is that true?


Yeah, but it’s not all that bad. She still plays just fine. It’s just that I had kept her in such pristine condition for so long and then in one careless moment putting her back in the case she fell to the nasty concrete below. I still take her with me where ever I go. I have many throws I’ve paid much more money for, but my Raptor will always remain one of my very favorites.


awesome yoyos like them don’t really get enough credit.


DV888, Dark Magic II, PGM, …Etc


There is no best yoyo friend, only best for you. :slight_smile:

The best for under 50 dollars is the YYF protostar, but everyone is different.

If you have a full understanding of unresponsive play, and are ready to try a full metal, my suggestions to you would be to try out the Dv888 also by YYF. If you raise your money limit by 5 dollars, the Champions collection G-Funk is incredible. Duncan has some great metal yoyo’s under 50 dollars, like the metropolis, Raptor, and Echo. Shinwoo has the Dolphin which might be good if you think you might enjoy a smaller yoyo.

As long as you can play unresponsive, some good unresponsive plastics are YYF’s star line of yoyos. (Protostar, starbright, northstar, etc) YYJ has the Pinnacle, and Classic, which if you put a normal size bearing in, it plays very unresponsive. YYJ has some metal rimmed yoyo’s that are great as well, including the Dark Magic.