top 3 throws, for under 50

please help guys, i want to get a new yoyo but idk what a the best ones are

spend the extra 5 dollars and get a DV888 Splash :smiley: the DV888 is one of the best yoyos I’ve used for roughly $50 very good yoyo I highly recommend it.

Get another 5 dollars and get a Di Base.

a PSG. It’s by far the best plastic I’ve ever tried, and it’s cheap too.


DV888 standard colors
Popstar(could buy two!)


C3Yoyo’s Di Base
First Blood Brother
RecRev Oscillatrix
Chico Roller
RecRev Sharp

DV888, Northstar/Protostar, or a popstar(if you’re more into advanced tricks)
The DV888 is a great metal throw and it’s 50$ but it is definately worth it, the Northstar/Protostar are great plastic yoyos that are about from 35$ to 40$ the only difference is the Northstar is heavier than the Proto. The Popstar is a great 25$ throw, it is metal but it is really tiny so it’s very portable and helps you be more accurate.
Your pick :wink:

  1. Dark Magic II
  2. Protostar (Not the northstar)
  3. Minus Mikes FHZ modded 30$ it’s a super deal.

Why does everyone forget about the Duncan Raptor, Metropolis, and Echo?

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I don’t know I guess people are haters…

But yeah I suggest them.

  1. Metropolis
  2. PSG
  3. Dark Magic 2

spinfaktor x, don’t have any other under $50 throws.

I basically stole my friends popstar when i first started and it really helped me on accuracy. Then i got a DV888 and i loved it!! absolutely worth it. I used a north star for a while and i liked the play, just didnt feel like a solid throw. but those would be my top three for under $50

i am in love with my raptor. i play it more than my 888 and hatrick combined.

Under $50? 3 only? Hmmmm… I’ll stick with items I have.

Still gotta go with my DM2, but the Speeder 2 is a nice alternative.
Protostar/Northstar. I like the Northstar a bit better. My preference is for heavier. The Northstar is heavier than the Protostar. However, don’t knock the Protostar.
dv888 2011 edition.

I’m assuming we’re talking 1A yoyos. Recently I’ve been messing around with a little 5A and 4A. I have 2A yoyos as well, but I can’t loop YET. Key word is YET. I will learn looping, at least very crudely, before my 1 year. May 12 is coming… I can’t guarantee 2 handed, but I will get the right hand going.

What size would you prefer? Undersized/midsize or full/oversize? I would also recommend the Cafe Racer from One Drop if like undersized. Its $60 MSRP but can be found for $50 or less. Very smooth, perfect weight for me. Great finish and colors too.