Looking to Upgrade yoyo plz help reply


Ok so I’m look to upgrade yoyos b/c I just started throwing two weeks ago using a used modded yomega hyperwing, I’ve been looking at yoyos under $50 like Zen 5 POPstar NorthStar DV888 ProtoStar ect… yes I know there is no “best yoyo” i was wondering what you would reccomend for under $50?
Ps Yes I can bind getting better with string tricks would prefer smaller yoyo but idc I just want what would work best


I’d say dv888 or trigger. The POPstar is said to be horrible and I know how the dv888 and trigger play. They are GOOD. Really consider those.

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Seriously. Yes 888, trigger. I like my Duncan Metal Drifter, although responive gets… uh… response… if ya’ kno’ what ay’ mean.


Protostar or Northstar would be my picks at under $50 but they are on the larger side. The DV888 is pretty good but binds can get a bit slippy, especially with thinner strings. the God-Tricks metals priced around $40 mark are pretty sweet. Or for a bit over $50 you could get the C3 Di Base which is a brilliant slightly undersized throw (I think YYE have them at $55).



I recommend the trigger. :slight_smile:


I recommend the YoyoRecreation Messiah


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Honestly, yoyojam Classic and upgrade the bearing. It will play just as good as the protostar and north star. for like 12$ you get one **** of a good throw that it just amazing. If your looking for smaller metal, do the DV888.

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This isn’t a bad idea. I love my new Trigger like crazy, but for $50 you could get a throw like a Classic, throw a killer bearing in it and spend the rest on quality string.

On a side note, I was just throwing my Shinwoo Techno 2 today. With a clean bearing, I like it as much as, if not more than, my Northstar. You can get one for $12 shipped on YYE. I also love my Shinwoo Phantom Pro, but you have to shim behind the spacer to make it totally unresponsive. You have so many options. I hope you find one that makes you happy.


Props for recognizing there is no best yoyo. ;D That seems to be a common misconception among newer players.

The Dv888 is very good. I absolutely love my bro’s when I get a chance to throw it. Protostar is also very good. Recently I’ve been throwing my C3 Token which is quite the awesome yoyo for its price. If I were choosing between the Dv888 and Token stock, I’d probably take the Dv888. The Token plays a lot smaller than its specs. Don’t forget about the G-Funk either! 55 bucks and it’s a small metal as well with a different shape.

And while we’re talking about plastic throws like the Classic and Techno, the Adegle PSG Gem edition seems to be pretty good as well. Just have to clean the bearing.


I would say save 5 dollars and get a Di base by c3yoyodesign

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anything by magicyoyo that has no stacks also trigger recrev stuff and classic


Srsly. YYR Messiah. Get it.