Project Under $60 Yoyo Collection

Yeah. So, I’m gonna start this “collection” of quality yoyos that are $60 and under. I don’t really want to get like ALL the throws that are $60 and under but just those that are actually pretty solid. Any thoughts or recommended throws?

Here are the throws I have in mind so far:

OD Benchmark O or H
C3 Level 6
Magic Yoyo N12
OD Rally
Werrd Minute
RecRev Neue
YYJ Surge
Duncan Flipside

Why are the surge and flip on there? I think this list should really be only metals and high end plastics. Also, from what I’ve heard, mostly all toy officers are great so why not put the hatchet, Jaeger, imp, or brave? I also believe that the recrev sine//saw should be up there as well as the magicyoyo D6. I also think the shutter and CZM8 when it drops should be on this list if they are not already.

All the yoyos you listed are really good besides the Neuae…

And add the Zeekio Zenith to that list too. :wink:

Neuae is my favorite undersized yoyo. I think its better than my yelets, token, popstar, nova, etc

If you’re doing the surge do the classic.

Zeekio prism.

Crazy D


I second this.

Wheres the hour? And the speedaholic!

Without a doubt this.

This pretty much sums me up I’m pretty sure I’ll never buy anything above $60 ( okay maybe a few exceptions in the future)

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Addiction is pretty fricken good.


YYO Hatchet is my choice at $60. It a rockin’ throw.

You mean my whole collection? (Other than my g funk, but I got that when ot was on sale for 40$)

I really like my FHZ, i just wish it was unresponsive.

I don’t really mind about the Surge or the Flipside. I can put them on or off the list anytime. HAHA. Right now, I’m just collecting stuff and then I’ll pick after. Adding all of those right now. As for the Shutter, I already got mine yesterday. Totally loving it. Putting a Buddha Ripple made it SUPER smooth. CZM8 is already on the updated list. XD

Added the Hour already. :3 I actually just got my Speedaholic. No regrets whatsoever. Although, it does wobble when I put my other bearings in it. If it’s not the stock bearing, it wobbles.

Maaaaan. I totally. I don’t think I’d be willing to spend anything near 100$. XD