hey guys ,
you may have seen my other topics- rally vs protostar vs northstar, yoyo reccomendations and is the burnside worth the money. Basically my b-day is coming up and I want to get my collection started now i have the benchmark. I don’t want to spend too much on one specific yoyo, not more than £45-50 or as you guys would put it $70-80. I want about 3 yoyos and i decided they should all be metal. I narrowed my choices to a few things. YOYOFFICER: hatchet, jaeger and kilter. RECREV: Silly goose, Sine//Saw. C3design: LEVEL.6 .
I think I wanna get the Hatchet and the Jaeger but I can’t decide between the level.6 and the kilter.
Help… :-\ :-\


I’d personally shoot to diversify. Go with one from each company and go for different specs


If I were you i’d just pick up all three of the YYO and that’ll give you a good idea of your preferences and what not.


hey guys
hatchet, brave or any thing else around 70 - 80 dollars (or under)


I’ve only thrown the Rec Rev Silly Goose from those, but it is an AMAZING yoyo for the price, plus some of the color patterns are really cool and unusual. And you don’t need to swap out the bearing like most yoyos under $100-- the stock bearing in the Silly Goose is a top-notch curved, grooved stainless steel bearing! When I ordered it (as a gift for someone actually) I tested it out with many different bearings, and the stock bearing outperformed the others including some high-end ceramics. I easily got a sleep time of around 7 minutes, which is very very good for a yoyo at that price range. I can only do a couple minutes better with a Draupnir! It’s also a very smooth throw, not dead smooth, but you won’t find that at this price range. Pretty quiet but a nice whir to it. Also, the Silly Goose is really comfortable to throw in my opinion.

I can’t comment on the others directly, although Yoyoofficer throws in general are quite good for the price (I have a YYO Gravity that’s excellent for its price), and the Level 6 is also supposed to be great for the price.

I was looking at a similar selection of yoyos when I was buying my friend a gift (budget about $80 or less) and ultimately decided on a Silly Goose in Rave Party pattern. I was NOT disappointed and I don’t think you would be either. You probably wouldn’t be disappointed with those others either, but I can’t speak to them personally.


YYO now has the musket coming so I’d get one of those over the hatchet now. The too hot from yoyofactory is also worth considering if you can find it in stock along with the aviator and superstar. You could also consider the 86400 from werrd. Also would consider the octave from recrev


I have the Level 6 and it is fantastic, especially after I replaced the bearing with a center track. I am also looking forward to the Musket as soon as it becomes available here.