Need recommendations on new throw (Shutter/Rally/etc)

Hey guys! I’ve been yoyo-ing for a little while now and am looking to upgrade my yoyo. Right now I’m just using a Yomega Maverick, which I really like, but am looking to get another that is unresponsive. Price range is like $55 max. I’ve had my eye on the YYF Shutter or the One Drop Rally at the moment. I’m only a little skeptical on the Rally because I do like metal yoyo’s a lot more. I also am eyeing the C3YYD Di Base 2. I don’t know much about that one though. So I was curious what you guys like and if you have any recommendations for me!

Play Type:

Ability to do grinds:
Doesn’t matter

Pretty important.

Preferred size:
I like the mid size kind of yoyo like my maverick:
Diameter: 55.86 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 40.17 mm / 1.58 inches

Just curious what you guys think! I’m hoping to get something that sleeps for a while and has a wide enough gap to not slow down too much with complex string tricks. Thank you!

Although One Drop makes my favorite yoyos, I would choose the shutter over the rally. But if you’re willing to spend a little more, you should consider the Benchmarks. I dont like the yyf spec bearing, so to me the benchmark and the shutter are the same price Hah. But you cant go wrong with the shutter

I’ve really been leaning toward the shutter but I’ve always had bad experiences with YYF. I have kept my eye on the benchmarks but I’d rather keep it a little lower if possible. Thanks for the input!

I own the Shutter, OD Rally, Duncan Echo 2, Duncan strix, Crazy D, protostar, level 6 and,finally benchmark H.
Conclusion. if you want a fast, all around competition level yoyo that can handle anything Level 6 is for you. In my opinion. It can push harder and feels more solid than benchmark h.
If you want the best plastic with BLAZING SPEED. Get the Crazy D. It has that superb plastic feel.
If you are a player that goes with the flow and want that amazing kk bearing pre installed. Get the Duncan Strix. It flows very well.
If you want a grind yoyo and decent all around. Get the bead blasted shutter.
But overall Level 6 is just too good.

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Wow thank you for the detailed response! Have you tried the Di Base 2? What’s the difference between that and the Level 6?

I’ve had a Rally for a few weeks and just picked up a Shutter at the YoYoExpert Throwdown event last night. I found the two completely different from one another, even in my relatively inexperienced hands. The Rally looks nice, nothing wrong with it, but to me the Shutter seems to play better, seemed a little better tuned for tricks/competition. Wish I knew how to describe it. I find the Shutter slightly more comfortable in the hand, and while spinning it just feels a little smoother and spins longer. I did put a One Drop 10-ball bearing in it, which helps reduce noise and seems to run a little smoother than the stock Shutter bearing, but opinions will vary. I generally like a higher quality throw, but the Shutter really surprised me, especially at the $45 price. It feels a little cheaper than the higher-end throws, but it absolutely does perform, and not just in a “that’s a great value” sort of way. I was avoiding V shape for the longest time but when I threw the Shutter that deep V shape ended up really working for me. Comfortable and performs well. If you want a metal throw that’s cheap but that won’t let you down performance-wise, I recommend the Shutter. No disrespect to the Rally, but I just found the Shutter inspires me more to learn tricks, whereas the Rally seems to be more of something I’d pick up and throw for relaxation and enjoyment.

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Interesting! So with the yoyo and if I decided to upgrade the bearing it would be around $50-$55. Definitely will keep that in mind!

Also I just had another quick question for anyone who can help me:
In terms of the One Drop Benchmark Series, what is the difference between how each shape plays? (H,V,O). I feel like learning how each shape plays could drastically help me decide on which yoyo is best for me!

Chris Rhoads posted a pretty detailed review/comparison of the three Benchmark throws over here:

The only way to really learn what’s going to work for you is through a bit of trial and error. And even then, you’ll have the occasional throw outside of your comfort zone that will just surprise you.


Very in depth review, thanks for the link! I just feel very interested in the H shape throw. Again I have only really messed with a Yomega Maverick (and cheap YYF yoyo’s) so I don’t have a preference. Really leaning toward the Level 6 at the moment, but I’m really eyeing the Benchmark H. Wish I had a local shop I could test these out.

The specs on the level 6 seem to fit your preferences perfectly as well and it would definitely be my choice.

Thanks for all the help everyone. I decided to get a Level 6! Can’t wait for it to arrive.

I recall that the new Silver Shutter is 45 bucks and has a CT in it. :smiley:

That’s great! Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile: I’ve been wanting that one too!