New yoyo

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I am in advanced tricks and I’m using a whip.I was wondering if I should get a yoyo in the onedrop benchmark series,the dv888,or the c3 level 6 (if you think I should get the level 6 please say when It comes out)

I would recommend a benchmark, a rally, or a shutter. All of them are great.

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Shutter or benchmark?

Shutter will be a solid choice. Spins forever and fits most styles.

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I’d recommend you a shutter for sure. But of your choices, a benchmark.

Definitely the level 6, my friend have both benchmark and level 6(he got the level 6 from a store that rewinds. ;D) and we both think that level 6 is the better choice. He has a H shape benchmark btw.

Should I get the c3 yoyo design level 6 or the yoyofactory shutter

This belongs in “Looking for Help/Recommendation.” As for my advice, you need more info. What are your preferences? Weight, size, shape, etc.

He’s using a whip, I don’t think he knows his preferences besides it has to be better than the whip lol

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Shutter if you can’t wait otherwise I’d get the level 6

I’ve played the shutter, and for $45 I have to say it is epic. I’ve never tried the level 6, but from what I’ve heard you can’t go wrong with either of these.