Favorite/Best Budget Metal

I’ve heard a LOT of different opinions, so put yours here.

Myy n12

Raptor for days, over the past years it’s been overlooked more than it should be

Shutter is just killer for 2 Andrew Jacksons.

Shutter, man.

Level 6

Laser by yyr

I love the shutter, but it is my first throw over $10

So I’ve seen lots of shutter replies… how does it compare to say a Level 6 or the Benchmarks?

Compares very well with the shutter. In fact, the level 6 looks like an Electric Flash without the lip rings on the side. Plays awesome.

The shutter is my favorite

Favorite: C3 Token

Best: Duncan Metropolis

Are we talking brand new? If not, you have a lot of options. Fools Gold CLYW comes to mind… otherwise I’d say the C3 Level 6 and/or YYF Shutter.

Tokens for days!

The shutter is great

The benchmarks are cooler because of the side effects
You get your choice of shape (O, V, and H)
Plus you can change the side effects to get the yoyo you like

Final recomendation:
Bechmarks -take your pick on the type, all three of them are awsome!

As a person who have or tried benchmarks, Shutter,Strix,Echo 2,Crazy D,Rally,yeti and LV 6. I recommend the level 6. It is just on another level for soild aggressive style of play. :smiley:

andy. I’m laughing so hard right now. I don’t know why. Hahahahahaha