New throw


Should I get




4.Yyo Lava



Shutter is my choice


Depends. Shutter is a great budget choice. The benchmark is substantially more expensive, but is also supposed to be awesome. I also love my DM2, though I’d get a shutter over it. The rally is a great choice as well.

Not very helpful maybe, but there it is. I’m recommending the shutter though you probably can’t go wrong with any of them.



I’ve heard some good things about the Shutter. I have a DM2 and it’s fine for intermediate to advanced tricks. Not many combos on it unless you’re good. The lava is supposed to be a good throw too. You can’t go wrong with a Onedrop Metal throw. The rally is decent, sort of like a Protostar. They sort of play like a metal but don’t have the feel or grinding surface.

Overall, I’d go Benchmark V for performance or the Lava. Suffer if you’re on a budget.


You didn’t list it, but I say C3 Level 6. It’s $50 but doesn’t look or perform like a budget yoyo.


The rally actually has a great surface for grinding, at least for a plastic. It’s definitely blasted. (I have a white one, that might make a difference.)

But yes, the benchmarks are also great choices.



Neither. Get the Yoyoofficer Hatchet. Noticeably better than the Shutter.


I own a Shutter and a Level 6 and the Level 6 is FAR more stable and plays just as fast.